Realm of Chaos Battle Angels Review

Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels Review

As an MMORPG, Real of Chaos: Battle Angels arrives to face tough competition in mobile gaming. But, any title that attempts so usually has an ace in the hole, something innovative or even groundbreaking. The game has been getting positive feedback and at first glance, it seems to contain all the traditional hallmarks of the genre, with more fluid gameplay, interesting animations, and its own content of course. Let’s delve deeper and see what it’s all about…

The game is published by EskyfunUSA on Google Play. Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels Android thus far has a positive 4.4-star score from over 6.5k votes, which is accountable. The game is developed by EskyfunUSA, who also dished out Crazy Rich Man: Sim Boss. However, it is being published by Forever Entertainment Network Limited on the iTunes App Store. Realm of Chaos iOS has a perfect 5-star score there, but too few votes to be considered accountable.


The battle between heaven and hell is being waged on Earth, which is engulfed by the mayhem and chaos. Angels and demons clash everywhere as the humankind will either usher in a new era or perish in fire. This is the stage set for the players, as we are free to choose either side, which is interesting right from the start.

Realm of Chaos Battle Angels


As an RPG, the game immediately expands the usual “good guy” side with a choice between the goodies and the baddies. The fantasy world will be filled with epic angel battles, boss raids, and standard MMO stuff, including dungeons, loot, rewards, and so forth. There are over 60 unique bosses so far in the game, with 100+ levels of dungeons.

We fight alongside seven legendary archangels in this war for humanity, and the players can collect celestial power as well to ascend and become angels. The game is focused on both PVP and PVE battles, with clans and a balanced PVP gameplay. The rules of the multiplayer player vs player combat are said to be quite fair here.

Realm of Chaos Battle Angels

As far as other stuff goes, this title has the standard hallmarks of an MMORPG, like classes, talent trees, gear, abilities, and such. However, unlike most similar titles, the focus is not on grinding but also on exploring and mastering skills. The control scheme is familiar, with 5 main buttons under the right thumb and the movement swipe under the other. The game offers standard stuff like quests, chests, loot, and things these kinds of titles always do.


Realm of Chaos comes with a 3D environment, well-designed models, and nice rendering. However, the abilities are kind of clunky, but perhaps for the best for it would burden your mobile device when in a massive boss fight or a PVP match.

Realm of Chaos Battle Angels


Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels tries to expand on the already popular MMORPG genre and it does so by letting players pick sides, and even play as baddies. The focus is spread between PVP and PVE, which is not that common for mobile games of this type. The game looks good and the atmosphere is as immersive as with any other newer similar title. It can burden your Smartphone, but not too much. Otherwise, what’s not broken is not to be fixed, and the game doesn’t interfere with the trademark mechanics of its genre.

Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels



What’s not broken is not to be fixed, and Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels doesn’t interfere with the trademark mechanics of its genre.

User Rating: 3.08 ( 2 votes)