Redout Space Assault Apple Arcade

Redout: Space Assault has arrived at Apple Arcade

Redout: Space Assault shooter launches on Apple Arcade and it will come to PC as well, sometime in the future as 34BigThings promises. The company unveiled their latest title which is a part of the Apple Arcade, the new game-streaming platform which brings a selection of games for $5 per month. The pool is promised to increase over time, while this particular title is their timed exclusive and it is optimized for Apple devices.

Redout Space Assault Apple Arcade Gameplay

The CEO of 34BigThings, Mr. Valerio Di Donato, followed up the release with this message: “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, both for 34BigThings in general and for the Redout franchise in particular. Collaborating with Apple on this game has been incredible, and the studio has acquired all sorts of new technical skills that will allow us to craft even better games in the years to come.”

Redout: Space Assault brings a new storyline to the series and it is set on Mars, during mankind’s expansion to outer space and exodus to other planets. The events in this installment are set several years before what happened during the Genesis Rebellion on the Moon. While some players may have already tried the 34BigThings studio’s Redout futuristic racing video game, this is a new storyline set in the same universe.

Redout Space Assault Apple Arcade Gameplay

This title is now available for iOS 13, tvOS, and iPadOS on Apple Arcade, while on October 13 it will also come to macOS. PC adaptation is promised by the developer later down the road. 34BigThings is an Italian indie gaming studio, comprised of veterans that have previously worked on big titles.

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Redout: Space Assault lets the player control a Super Orbital Recon Fighter and participate in fast-paced space flight battles, which happen in the midst of the mankind’s colonization of Space. You control all aspects of your aircraft, including flight, advanced maneuvers, shooting, and you need to master it all to outmaneuver, outsmart, and overpower your enemies. The game provides quite a bit of fun, but it can also be challenging throughout the progression, and it brings multiplayer space combat, besides the single-player campaign mode.

Redout Space Assault Apple Arcade Gameplay

The lead designer at 34BigThings, Giuseppe Enrico Franchi, said: “Designing a game for so many different devices with different specifications and input interfaces has been a true challenge. But these constraints forced us to focus on the Redout’s franchise core pillars: blazingly fast, arcade action. The resulting game is sleek, furious, yet accessible.”

The emphasis is on the tactics, as the players will be participating in massive space battles where each and every one of them can turn the tides. Also, the players can customize their loadout and pick which weapons and other settings they want on their fighter. The fighting and matches themselves are done in a dogfight stile, demanding individual skill as well as the overall strategical knowledge. Additionally, besides multiplayer and single-player modes, it has several interesting features for dedicated players like the Career mode, and it offers a multitude of content spread throughout the Solar System.