Reky iOS

Reky just launched on iOS

Reky, the elegantly designed and technically drawn premium puzzler by Beyondthosehills, was just released on iOS. The design and aesthetics of this mobile game play an important part in providing the player with the puzzling challenge, as well as increasing the atmosphere. The game feels quite minimalistic at first glance, but just a few seconds into its challenging puzzler mechanics will prove addictive and immersive, as well as mind-bending…


As the trailer shows, it is about much more than just simple puzzling. The players will enjoy a beautiful atmosphere, created by an amazing soundtrack and beautifully designed aesthetics achieved by technically drawn geometry. In a sense, the game seems to be inspired by what is called “impossible objects” and all kinds of variations of the Penrose triangle. The Penrose triangle was designed by Lionel and Roger Penrose, and their “continuous staircase” is perhaps the most popular rendition of their work, published in 1958. The game can further be compared to Salvador Dalí’s paintings of stairs, but instead of being a loop, in Reky puzzling is achieved via the intricate geometrical shapes and the laws of physics.

Reky iOS

It is important to note that since the game is offered as a premium purchase, the players can enjoy it without any ads, paywalls, or any time limitations, which is important for the overall atmosphere and immersion. With just a splash of color, Beyondthosehills have breathed life into cold geometrical objects, which are capable of reacting to the player’s control of the little ball. Users will have to navigate and use the environment as well as the game’s rules of physics to get over, around, or through various obstacles and mental challenges, which become increasingly more difficult as you progress through the game, of course…


  • Elegantly designed logic puzzles, which escalate to extreme challenges through levels
  • Aesthetics inspired by architectural minimalism
  • Touch-optimized and designed to be played with one finger
  • Crystal clear visuals, with soft coloring, and optimized for iOS displays
  • 96 levels and 22 achievements in the game so far

Reky iOS

Beyondthosehills is a Greek studio located in Athens. It was founded by Andreas Diktyopoulos and Maria Aloupi. Their team is comprised of ambitious people from artistic, musical, and scientific backgrounds, which are fused into their Reky mobile game. The studio’s other credits include The Minims quirky adventure for PC, which was released in 2015 on iOS, and 2015 on PC. Now, their puzzler Reky is available for iOS users to enjoy.