Mad Rocket: Fog of War Review

Release the Fog in Mad Rocket: Fog of War

We all have that one game that we use to measure all others. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t the first of its genre or type, we don’t value the history of gaming than but our own experience and emotion that this game created. When it comes to strategy games, I measure all to StarCraft. I know, it’s a high standard but really it’s also something that helps you define the efforts developers put into their games.

When it comes to Mad Rocket: Fog of War, I think that Ratatat Studio did fairly well in their endeavors to create a decent base-building strategy game. However, while StarCraft had the big storyline and, well, more elaborate gameplay, Mad Rocket: Fog of War is a simpler take on the genre that defined the gaming industry especially in the 1990s. Unlike Blizzard’s hit title, Mad Rocket: Fog of War is available only for iOS and Android devices, though a PC version would be really nice to show up in the future.

The story takes place in the scientific base which is under threat of being attacked by the enemies at any moment. You arrive there as a new commander responsible to strengthen the defenses and build structures that will protect it. The base’s scientists work on the Eternium research which produced Dark Fog, a resource that will help you shield your position from the enemy. Of course, the attacks are not one-sided and you will have a chance to retaliate as well so that makes the gameplay even more dynamic.

The game offers different units to choose from and use their special skills for defense and attack. The best practice is like with any strategy, to build the best possible team and then go into attack mode on the opponent’s base. But while that may sound easy, it’s far from it. After all, this is a strategy game and it depends on your strategizing and planning to defeat the enemy and expand your base.

Mad Rocket: Fog of War PvP

The fog here is your doom as much as your pal since your enemies will use it as well to hide. This is especially important in multiplayer mode when you fight against players from all over the world, and not the game’s AI. The best way to deal with the fog is to send the best scouts to reveal what waits for you out there, and then plan your move so that it results in the minimum loss.

As you level up, new weapons will unlock which are pretty cool and useful. However, the same applies to your enemies’ weapons, so always be ready for the worst case scenario. Your success will be recorded in the Season Rankings so the better you are, the higher you’ll get on the leaderboard.    

Mad Rocket: Fog of War Gameplay

Music in the game is really interesting and reminded me of ‘70s sci-fi TV shows like Star Trek or Lost in Space which really helped to highlight the scientific vibe about the game. Art is something that may look decent and not so different from others in the better titles for mobile devices, but it fits with the game dynamics really well.

What makes it great, is that game has a PEGI 3 rating and you can play it with your kids in multiplayer mode. It beats Monopoly, that’s for sure.

Release the Fog in Mad Rocket: Fog of War



What makes it great, is that game has a PEGI 3 rating and you can play it with your kids in multiplayer mode. It beats Monopoly, that’s for sure.

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