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Resident Evil 2 1998 Original vs. 2019 Remake

Resident Evil 2 remake is probably one of the most exciting titles that everyone has been waiting for. And with the news that the movie franchise is getting a reboot, too, Resident Evil may be one of the titles that will leave a considerable mark on 2019.

So, of course, fans have been wondering about the visual differences between the two games. After all, it’s a two-decade gap between these titles and technology has improved considerably since 1998. Since Capcom announced the remake a while ago, people simply expected some HD make-up and not the kind of amazing changes we are seeing today.

In the end, what Capcom presented at E3 2018 actually looked like a new and rebuilt game using the Resident Evil 7 engine. This is a considerable change which will greatly affect the way we feel the gameplay and experience the horrors of this cult zombie story.

One of the first things we noticed changed, besides the obvious graphics, of course, was camera position. In the original Resident Evil 2, the camera used fixed angles which made everything look like a CCTV footage. Here, we finally have a third-person POV with the camera following the protagonist and his actions. That said, this may be the sign of a new game and not the one that will be a recreation of the original. Now, this may get a lot of fans to worry, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Capcom has stated on the matter that it was their intention to keep the game fresh with moving certain events around. One thing that fans like to point out in the last couple of months is that Racoon City Police Department finally got the restroom, something it lacked in the original.

resident evil 2

If you happened to belong to the generation that played the original when it came out, then you remember how revolutionary it seemed. Today, the pixelated version of the game is considered too archaic with pronounced colors and unrealistic movements. New Resident Evil 2 has finally brought us the darker and more sinister Racoon City plagued with zombies and revamped the main protagonists, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Another significant change is that players will get face to face with zombies on a personal level in the new game, unlike being just the spectators in the original. That is always a fine recipe for a good jump scare, as well as to give those older players a new scary content that will help them rediscover the game.

resident evil 2

Even before it’s release, Resident Evil 2 remake already gain positive feedback and even won the Best of Show award at this year’s Game Critics Awards. This made Capcom start considering remakes of other of titles in the series like Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. However, the original Resident Evil is still in the plans for a remake, as well since it only got a makeover in 2002 for Nintendo’s GameCube.

“Certainly enough time has passed that it wouldn’t be laughable to remake the remake. I personally think that would be an interesting thing to do,” said director Kazunori Kadoi for Game Informer.

So, not only will Resident Evil 2 get a fantastically looking remake, but other titles in the series might be next for a considerable makeover and reinvention.   

Resident Evil 2 remake is scheduled for release on January 25, 2019, on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.