Rilakkuma Farm Android

Rilakkuma Farm just got released on Android

Rilakkuma Farm Android is the latest pulse in the farming genre that once rocked web browsers and people’s hearts big time. However, the genre did not die and it has its own fair share of the mobile gaming market space today, just like any other. The games being made are traditionally easy-going, tap-happy pastime delights, and such is the situation with this title.

Brought to us by Imagineer Co. Rilakkuma Farm is a simulation of course. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and it targets the widest audience, mainly kids, elderly, and people not traditionally of the gaming sort. In the game we grow crops, manufacture food, and manage a variety of stores. The game also features garden decorating and dwelling evolution, which includes aesthetics and is quite a rewarding experience for people who traditionally like these farming simulations.

The game follows Rilakkuma the bear and his friends. Rilakumma is a Japanese fictional character created by Aki Kondo and the San-X company. The character launched back in 2003 and has since spawned an endless array of merchandise, media representations, and even sticker packs on social media platforms. The brand is a close relative to Hello Kitty, Kumamon, Pusheen, and other older brands which also spread over to toys, merchandise, media, and other outlets.

The farm is run by Rilakkuma and his friends, who began their ploy because they expect an all-you-can-eat buffet. When they arrive on the farm, they find it empty…deserted, and only one letter left which states the following:

“Some urgent business has come up, so I’m going to have to leave this farm for a while. So it is to you, who found this letter, that I leave this farm. But do not worry! I have summarized how to take care of this farm in this letter. If you run the farm well, you’ll have all the treats you can eat”

Our fuzzy friends have no choice but to take matters into their own hands, as we do in our own. The farming simulation combines several easy-going game genres, like cooking, decoration, shop owning, and similar popular “small games”. Rilakkuma Farm is released now on Android via Google Play Store!