Ring of Elysium Early Access Impressions Are Here


Tencent Games have had it pretty well with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or as it’s popularly more known PUBG. However, the company’s desire to harvest more of that kind of success has led them to develop another battle royale game – Ring of Elysium. Unlike PUBG, this is a free-to-play game with snow-covered maps and extreme sports. Oh, and fighting other players of course with weapons and all.

The story is not that bright but it covers the basics of the concept. A cold wave fell on Mt. Dione and everything froze over. Local sheriff evacuated the citizens but there are still some tourist left who are scattered all over the town and he was unable to rescue them all. Now, a helicopter has been sent to transport those tourists to safety, but the thing is there are only four places available and much more people stranded in the cold. So, they have to fight among each other for their spot on the chopper.

Ring of Elysium respects standard principles of battle royale. The maximum of players per map is 100 and they all have to fight each other until only one remains victorious. This is something that PUBG and Fortnite have already proved to be a finely working formula. And that is exactly what Ring of Elysium is trying to do without hiding it or denying it. After all, if it is a functioning concept that brought nothing but success, why change it.

Ring of Elysium

But, we do have a significant change here with respect to PUBG and Fortnite and that regards the map design. It’s snowy, frozen and full of settlements, as well as mountainous regions you need to climb if you want that hawk’s eye advantage over your opponents. And of course, there some interesting ways to move around the map like already mentioned climbing which requires a gear, then hang gliding from high locations and snowboarding to cover longer distances. These are the three ways you can use if you have appropriate gear which is a wise thing to get since you will have to cover a lot of ground in order to survive. Additionally, this type of moving through the map which is fast and efficient is more similar to Fortnite, so it seems that Tencent Games is willing to learn and improve the gameplay they already use in PUBG.

Ring of Elysium Game

When it comes to combat, though, there is not much surprise here. Ring of Elysium adopted the same combat mechanics as PUBG which means you will encounter most of the weapons you know from there. However, since players can move around faster and that includes reaching fast zones quicker, the dynamic is up and boost adrenaline levels.

Nonetheless, Ring of Elysium has some changes to the battle royale mode we got used to in Fortnite and PUBG. Shrinking circle is gone. In its place is different gameplay tactics that do make this game stand out among its peers. There are several safe zones here where you can find shelter from the cold. Also, players choose where to spawn on the map instead of airdropping and skydiving to location.

The map is visible to all which means you can see where the players cluster and thus make the decision to jump in or spawn in a remote place. This gives an opportunity to play the game at the pace you feel comfortable with, although some might find this disappointing. After all, battle royale mode is all about quick thinking and adapting, and not being comfortable to play.   

Ring of Elysium Snow

Perhaps, thus, Ring of Elysium is Tencent’s way of creating a game that will be perfect for any type of players, not only those who are experts in extreme rules of the battle royale mode. It is a more relaxed title than PUBG and Fortnite, and many others out there, so even those who avoided battle royal games because they felt not good enough to play will now have their chance to experience this type of gameplay mechanics.

That said, Ring of Elysium doesn’t deliver that raw carnage battle royale usually does or that we simply got used to in Fortnite and PUBG. With that respect, it disappoints a little, but otherwise, it’s nice to see that someone is thinking about all players, not only those who will participate ace the battle royale most extreme concepts.

8.0 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 8.3