Legends of Runeterra by Riot

Riot Games is entering the card game genre with Legends of Runeterra

The big reveals by Riot this week are a…well, a riot. Legends of Runeterra is the next big reveal after they announced League of Legends: Wild Rift mobile. In an earlier reveal about their upcoming projects, Riot did say that they are spreading over multiple platforms over multiple very different genres, and there were talks about a card game, but now we even have the title and a hands-on demonstration.

Entering the card gaming scene, Riot, owned by Tencent, is dashing out a CCG title that springs up from the LoL universe. Furthermore, it does feature LoL characters and familiar themes. For instance, the fans of the MOBA will recognize the title Runeterra, which is the continent upon which the LoL extravaganza, its lore, and political machinations are all taking place. It is also said that the first card set will feature 24 of the known characters from the LoL universe, but that probably does not include skills, spells, and other abilities.

At first glance, the game does look like it takes much after the CCG veterans like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. In fact, Mr. Marc Merrill, the co-founder of Riot, explicitly said in the company’s big announcement that they are taking a cue from Hearthstone. Furthermore, Riot has pushed LoL and focused solely on its eSports expansion for a decade now and it has even become a common joke about how one dimensional they are with their title.

And, there is nothing wrong with the company focusing on one title and making it right. However, now that that ship can run itself, it’s time to trot out the big guns. Riot is going out big, it’s spreading LoL on mobile platforms and consoles, and its delving into other genres, like it does with this Legends of Runeterra card game, with their tactical FPS upcoming game, and there are also rumors that they are working on a Diablo-like action RPG.

All these new games are promised to come within the next year or so, while there is even in-game footage available for the Legends of Runeterra. At first glance, the game does look like it takes much after the original LoL in terms of visuals and style. It also features the same champions,  but it announces its own unique gameplay mechanics and styles, different than the usual CCGs. It looks like it’s going to be a card game of choice and chance. See for yourself if they are on the right track: