River Legends Fly Fishing Adventure

River Legends Fly Fishing Adventure set for Summer 2019

The River Legends Fly Fishing Adventure mobile upcoming release was just announced by Dentat Studio and is in its pre-registration period as of now. It is announced as a Role Playing game and described best as an indie fishing simulation adventure, which brings the players to the great custom pixel art outdoors. It is set in the Pine Canyon, decorated by retro-looking landscapes, reminiscing of old console games from the ‘90s, but with a modern day gameplay, of course.

This game will let the players explore the wild canyon, pursue various species of fish with a challenging AI the studio is especially proud about, each fish species has their own weather preferences for instance, and more. You will need to deal with all the troubles a fisherman would face, like water conditions, and choose the best tackle from the wet, dry and streamer flies. Your fly fishing line is controlled in real-time and the environment will range from dark forests, canyons, sylvan ponds, rugged alpine lakes, and more.

River Legends: Fly Fishing Adventure Game release date is planned for late summer 2019, and the game is known to be coming to Steam for PC and Google Play for Android. IT will be a 2D fishing simulation, available for single player only, that will focus on the realistic side of the fishing experience. The players will have real-time fly-fishing mechanics and controls, and also need to get used to water currents, learn different species and their patterns, and more. If this kind of game floats your fishing boat, then go and pre-register now!