RDR2 PC Bug Fix

Rockstar is trying their best to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 PC

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC bugs are flooding the web, overflowing from the game as we understand. According to online sources, reddit posts, and numerous other uploads, the game has some serious issues after it launched two days ago. It’s launch also didn’t go as planned and was delayed in the majority of countries it was announced for, and now the game is just bugged to silliness…

This transition to PC also promised new content for players, besides coming in glorious 4K and HDR capability. The game brought several new things, including 3 new bounty hunter missions where the players would hunt Herman Zizendorf, Camille de Millemont, and Bart Cavanaugh, all evildoers in their own right. Rockstar Games also decided to build two new Gang hideouts and two new treasure maps. Furthermore, a new mission titled “To The Ends of The Earth” was included, along with new Weapons, Trinkets, Horses, and more.

The players rejoiced and embraced the PC version of RDR 2, but something went awry. As mentioned, it was the very launch that was troublesome for many countries and users, many reported the game downloading even if being downloaded previously through the Rockstar Launcher, while others just couldn’t even play the game at all. However, after the fuss surrounding the launch and when players would finally get into the game, it was…well, just look at this:

However, not a full 48 hours into the Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release, Rockstar dished out an update at 11PM UK time. The patch was for both RDR2 PC and their launcher and it addressed several of the known issues, including CPUT maxing out which caused stuttering and freezing of the game, also FPS drops, and more. They also fixed issues with audio quality, the game asking activation even if the players already purchased it, asking to verify game files only to not work afterward, menu and map not showing properly in-game, unable to play offline, lag spikes when pressing shift or caps, stuttering cutscenes, rendering bugs, and many others.

Online mode was also experiencing low FPS, Lag spikes, Crashes, and other problems. Hopefully, this latest patch from Rockstar will serve as first aid, but the developers promise they are working further to determine the cause for all problems and completely polish out the gameplay and all aspects of the game. The rocky launch and the bug overflow is the reason Red Dead Redemption 2 PC reviews have been all over the place, especially by the users. However, once the bugs are removed and the gameplay fixed, then we can have the full picture of the quality of the game.