ROME: Total War Available On Android Soon

ROME: Total War is hitting Android Phones in December 2018

Finally, after two years of iOS owners feeling special and privileged, ROME: Total War is announced for Android this December 2018. The game is available on iOS since 2016, while Android is late as per usual. It is announced to land for players in Europe, North America, Australia, and some parts of Asia. The same studio which ported the game to iOS is handling the job now, and we are grateful for it.

Feral Interactive will do the porting

Feral Interactive is actually known for a wide range of ported games, as well as their good reviews. They also brought Medieval II Total War collection, Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection, and besides ROME: Total War, they have Total War Three Kingdoms, Total War: Warhammer II, and other games coming. Their iOS porting is known for its high praise, so this time around our expectations will be high.

The game will be available both for Google Play Store users and for the Samsung Galaxy App store. The prices are still unknown, but the iOS and Steam retail were at $9.99 most of the time. It is assumed Android prices will be similar.

ROME: Total War On Android

Feral Interactive is currently a leading publisher of video games for macOS, iOS, and Linux platforms. The company was founded in 1996 in London, England. Their other hits and major successes include GRID™ Autosport, Life is Strange™, and more.

All Roads Lead to Rome

All strategy games, especially ROME: Total War, demand a larger screen. This, paired with the strain this game might put on the chipset, means it will probably be a good idea to have a decent Android smartphone. Despite it being an old-school game, it still packs a punch. Also, handset restrictions could possibly budge users in that direction.

ROME: Total War Hits Google Play in December

The game was originally developed by Creative Assembly and SEGA was the publisher for Windows PC. Its turn-based campaigns will require intuitive touchscreen controls and a well-sorted user interface.

At the official press release, Feral Interactive spokesman, David Stephen who is their Managing Director, said:

“We’re very excited to bring ROME: Total War to Android users. We’ve taken everything we learned from the success of the game on mobile and used it to create the best possible experience on a range of Android devices.”

More information is promised to us soon, as the device range will be limited at the start. Rome: Total War will be a premium app in both the Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Apps stores.