Royal Revolt 2

After the success of the original title, Royal Revolt 2 came with drastic changes to the gameplay as well as to the entire atmosphere. The core addictive flavor everybody loved in the original is luckily still here, but this time around the developers focused on PvP and gave the entire experience a complete overhaul. While Royal Revolt 2 traditionally targets the Windows Phone 8 and RT, the gameplay changes seem to bring the audience the Clash of Clans or Cloud Raiders experience, but in their own terms.

Developed and published by Flaregames, Royal Revolt 2 is available on multiple platforms, including naturally Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, etc… But, besides promoting the Windows Phone 8, what made this game appealing is the smooth touchscreen combat paired with some strategy elements, which put in a reverse tower defense style gameplay was what made the original so appealing.

It is all there in this follow-up game but, as mentioned, Flaregames somewhat changed gears to prioritize player-versus-player raiding.

The Gameplay

Naturally, this was influenced by the success Clash of Clans enjoyed, but the traditional core experience of Royal Revolt was intact, and it is precisely what makes this game great. The endless array of opponents and defenses to crush only enhances the appeal, as you also design your own defenses in a pathway attacking opponents follow when they are invading your castle.

For every tower or structure destroyed, the attacked gains gold, which is the game’s soft currency, but if the attacker manages to break through the castle gates, he or she walks away with a much sizable portion of the defending players loot.

Naturally, the conquered defender never loses all of his resources and additionally the attacking force has a strictly limited time frame during which they need to complete the attack.

No matter how appealing the attacking and pillaging of another player might be, it is still probably an easier alternative to defend. When putting up your defensive structures, you can lay down a path whichever way you want. Stones and other debris may block you from building on a certain part of the land, and this is where the premium currency, gems, comes into play. If you have these, you can pay to clear the land and have a much wider array of options for setting up your defenses.

This real money obstacle is there for the defending players, while the time limit and dealing with your defenses is for making the attackers life as hard as possible.

Naturally, the strategic aspect of the game flourishes in the defending phase, where you can build many defensive structures, but also others which are not directly affecting the battle but have their uses never the less. For instance, you can build a tavern which generates gold over time, farms to produce bread, and many other resource generation buildings. You need gold as your primary resource for building, while bread is needed to go out on raids. There are also several other interesting aspects of micromanaging, like when you need to store your bread in a Silo.

All of the buildings are upgradeable, and since bread is kind of an energy resource mechanic, which limits how frequently you can attack, it is necessary to upgrade your buildings and exalt in both macro and micromanaging.


The units in Royal Revolt 2 function with a standard rock-paper-scissors style. You can research and upgrade each different type of military units at the Troop Academy. Each of your units has a moral cost, which determines how frequently it can be used during attacks and how many slots it takes up during defensives.

It is common knowledge that ranged units, such as Mortars or Pyromancers, excels in defensives. This is another advantage a defensive player has, as it is extremely difficult to get past choke points and take down buildings while being constantly under fire. An attacking player also can’t heal units, except if he or she back out for a few moments and spends gems.

Matchmaking is this game’s main attribute, as it is widely considered the best there is, better than that of Cloud Raiders even. Things function as per usual. You push a button and a random enemy with similar ranking is found for you.

Royal Revolt 2 brings back the PvP zest and the flavor of tower defense games which were mostly reserved for a single player so far. The result is a combination of extreme excitement, fast-paced combat, and ultimately fun. Royal Revolt 2 has earned its title as the next step in tower defense games.

Royal Revolt 2



Royal Revolt 2 has earned its title as the next step in tower defense games.

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