Almost a year ago we got to see what Jagex was up to, considering the popularity of mobile games it’s rare that a company can simply ignore the vast mobile games market when considering the next step their game can take.

And there we got it, RuneScape Mobile was announced back then. But not just regular RuneScape, Old-School RuneScape as well.

If you lived under a rock for the past two decades, you might not have heard of RuneScape, It’s one of the most popular MMORPG’s on the market, it was even named the largest free MMORPG by the  Guinness World Records. If you don’t know much about it, you might ask the question – why are there two versions of the game. Developers released the new RuneScape with upgraded graphics and a new skill and combat system in July 2013.

A wide array of fans wasn’t satisfied with the changes so Jagex re-released the Old-School version.

As we are able to see, it’s been in development hell for quite some time, with the initial date for the first beta being delayed, and seemingly continuous delays on the release date. That might seem like a bad thing, but most people would prefer a polished final product rather than a buggy mess that no one is going to want to play.

We had doubts about what the game will look like in the end, after all, RuneScape isn’t a simple game to port on mobile. But the beta testers seem mostly satisfied with the product, it still is slightly rough around the edges and requires some bug fixing, but it seems like the team is working hard to make this game possible.

The experience that you will get is as true to RuneScape as possible, to the point where mobile gamers will not have their own server, instead, they will be playing on the same server as their pc counterparts. Meaning that when you are done playing on PC, you can just easily go out of your house and play RuneScape on your phone.

So far we got some more details about Old-school RuneScape, Battery is expected to drain 8% to 12%, depending on your phone, and the app is supposed to be under 100MB, but is expected to be slightly more with future updates.

It is supposed to use 500kB/h to 2 MB/h of your mobile data.

The game will be completely free; however, just like in the PC version, you will be able to get additional content for a subscription fee.

Hopefully, we will see RuneScape fully fleshed out on the mobile in recent time, for now, we can continue grinding on the PC version

RuneScape Mobile is currently in closed beta, however, you can sign up for a chance to get in –

Old school mobile is expected to come out some time this year both on iOS and Android while RuneScape Mobile is “hot on its heels”.