Rush Wars Enters Beta

Rush Wars – Supercell’s hot prospect has hit beta today

Rush Wars, the upcoming title from Supercell, a mobile game developer famous for Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and others, has just entered its beta testing stage. The announcement came only last week, so the game is currently pretty hot and the testing phase is both for Android and iOS users. The previous success of the game’s from Supercell and little what is known about this project seems to have been enough to spark a large interest, and now everyone can dive in the beta.

There had been a ‘leak’ earlier on Reddit, where several descriptions of the gameplay arrived ahead of time. The game was rumored to be accessible via the debut countdown trailer, which was since removed. Also, there were even claims about the never-before-seen images of the game on some Discord fan-made server, which all contributed and showcased just how people are interested in this upcoming title.

Now, Supercell decided to put an end to the rumors and speculations, so you can see and feel the gameplay of the game for yourself. The beta released on 9 AM BST on August 26 (today) and the first gameplay recordings started arriving shortly after that. The online community seems to agree that Rush Wars is a blend of every other Supercell title, but the game does carry its own flavor. It seems to be the next highly competitive mobile game, but time will tell.