Supercell, acclaimed developer behind Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, pushed its new product toward Beta-release, Rush Wars game. Exact Global release date is still unknown, but we do know that the Beta-version is available in play stores of Australia, New Zeland, Finland, and Canada.

Here you can find everything you need to know in order to be more successful, information on a particular unit, its characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, where and how to position it, what to target, and ways to counter it. Also, here you can find several guides for different strategies and combos.

Rush Wars is a quick-paced, two-way multiplayer strategy game. On the one hand, defending player sets-up defenses around his Gold Mine hoping to prevent others from stealing his stash. At the same time, the attacking player creates a squad/army and tries to take down an enemy GM, and pillage the cash for himself.

Looks and design is recognizable by Supercell-style of toy-like units and buildings. It is a style pleasing to the eyes and easy to look at for prolonged periods of time.
Every unit in the game looks and functions differently. From thick mustache Troopers and baseball Pitchers that throw grenades to Elvis-looking Hotshot that uses the shotgun as a selfie stick, and Gorilla with Big Giant Wrench.

There are many things Supercell is doing well, but one is really standing out. The way the Interface is managed, with both visual and sound effects. Unlike many other games, using controls in Supercell games is on a whole new level. The interface is visually appealing, intuitive and provides clear information (the one exception is the position of the “Heal Commander” button, that one can easily click by accident). Every command executed, click on the menu, or any form of change is followed with a characteristic sound. This paints the picture of being a super responsive game. The effort was made to smooth out all the little things bugging players, and that is something to be praised.

Rush Wars

Rush Wars Game Modes

Standard Mode

Attack and destroy enemies Gold Extractors. Set up defenses around your own GM and protect it from invading enemies.

Team Domination

Teams are battling out against each other, trying to grab as many stars as possible. It takes place on a global map with a large number of bases. Each player sets up three defenses during the Preparation day. These defenses are built automatically assigned units, meaning you can choose the positions for units, but not the composition, that is predetermined. When this is all set, during the next, Battle day, the fighting starts.

The game takes place on two different screens. One is the player’s base with four major features (Headquarters, Lab, Chopper, Drop-place for Lootbox) and one minor (something that looks like Telephone booth). The other screen is Gold Mine, a place to set-up defenses against invading players.

The Main Base

Headquarters is the main building which increases the Gold/Hr production of your mine, it increases the level of free box, and it increases the Storage amount. All of these stats are upgraded as we raise the level of our HQ. But the most important thing HQ-levels do is that they allow acquisition and upgrade of new, higher tier units. To raise the HQ-level player must have sufficient player level and pay a hefty amount of cash. However, in the long run, this is probably the best upgrade..

To the right of Headquarters is the Lab. The lab itself cannot be upgraded, however within this building player spends gold and cards to upgrade Troops, Airdrops, Commanders and Defenses.

Chopper is your transport unit and can be upgraded with loads of gold. Chopper upgrades are unlocked by reaching a certain HQ level. There are four things that Chopper effects and those are the number of troops, the amount of airdrops, the number of defenses he can carry, and finally, the selection of destinations he can take you to.

Free Box drop-place is simply a location in the base where Free Boxes are landing. There are two slots, and the Free Box lands there every three hours.

Phone Booth is just the place in the base where you can click and receive a random tip.

Gold Mine (GM)

This is the location that the player needs to defend against his opponents. The map is split vertically in half. The left is attacking, while the right is defending side. Every time a new day starts player should position his defenses around these gold extractors on the right-hand side of the map (GM lasts for 24h then the map is changed). There will be several Defense Guides available on Bluemoongame discussing the topic at great length.
Depending on the map, GM can have two or three narrow entrances to the base. These are ideal for placement of mines, as a form of defense. The map has some destructible obstacles like fence, barrels or walls, and some natural/indestructible like river. Destructible objects can be, well, destroyed by Splash damage and heavy units, like Tank, moving across them. Depending on the number of Gold Extractors protected/destroyed, the player will gain the same number of stars. Stars won during the defense part of the game will go toward filling up Defense Box.
Hourly amount of gold produced is determined by the HQ level. The gold is stacked at the bottom right-hand side of the main-base-screen. If not collected it will be stolen by enemy players that manage to destroy your Gold Extractors.



The combination of Troops, Airdrops, Commanders and Defenses, all ties up into the wast number of options and ways to build an army, be it on the offensive or defensive side.

Finally, here is the list of all the pieces that players can use to compose the army.

The four categories are self-explanatory by their names, so let’s dive in and see what they have to offer.



These are the units that players can take to both defense and offense. While on the defensive side they serve the purpose to fill in the gaps, Troops are bread and butter of every offensive action. Here is the list of all Troops:
Troopers, basic riflemen.
Pitcher, throwing bombs.
Shields, pair of swat guys able to soak up some damage.
Tank, slow-moving juggernaut with loads of health.
Bazooka, long-range, splash damage, extremely potent vs buildings.
Hotshot, a shotgun carrying Elvis, the disposer of large volumes of infantry.
Jetpacks, the only special thing about these is the fact they are flying units.
Gorilla, giant Gorilla carrying a giant Wrench. Packs loads of health and loads of damage versus buildings.
Laser, thou not classified as a splash damage dealer, its attacks pierce everyone in line.
Plumber Van, half a dozen angry Mario’s, armed with pipes, storming their way through.
Rocket Truck, bigger and more expensive version of Bazooka.
Sneaky Ninja, invisible until it attacks, Sneaky Ninja is an ultra-fast melee unit.
Boxer, this guy really knows how to punch and take a hit.
Helipod, more expansive and more robust than Jetpacks, Helipods are great at dealing damage from Air.
Henchmen, large 8 men squad, that moves and acts as a swarm in the name of Mother.
Blaze, a flame-throwing comedian roasting the large masses of public.
Kungfu, a pair of jacked up melee guys with prominent Afro-haircuts and incredible attack speed.



In essence, Airdrops represent the player’s ability to directly influence the combat in the attacking part of the game. Here is the list of all Airdrops:
Arcade, throw down Arcade machine, works like a regular, small radius, bomb.
Boost, dramatically increase the attack and movement speed of units in a radius.
Heal, restores the health of units in radius over a short period.
Invisibility makes all units within radius invisible for a short duration.
Paratroopers, drop a pair of guys behind the enemy line.
Fridge freezes the opponents inside a radius.
Satellite, a bigger and stronger version of Arcade.



These are special units that provide basic attack options and, more importantly, have a special ability. Here is the list of Commanders:

Coach, kicking ass and yelling at slackers, Coach can Boost attack and movement speed of other units.
Lady Grenade, as obvious as it gets, Lady Grenade can throw a volley of Grenades.
Bearman, he does not talk, just pounds the enemies and with the ability to charge at them.
Mother, CEO of high tech company protected in her Egg tank, can summon a couple of minions to do her bidding.
B.I.G. big, bad, Robo-dinosaur that shoots laser and has the ability to S.T.O.M.P.

Rush Wars


Various turrets, mines, and other contraptions, all serving the purpose of defending player’s Gold Mine. Here is the list of Defenses:
Mines, plant two mines that deal some basic splash damage.
Cannon, an overall strong single target turret.
Plumber Hole, a hole filled with plumbers, that will jump out once the enemies get too close.
Mortar, super long range turret with good splash damage, but unable to attack targets in melee range.
Bomb, type of mine with good damage, but small radius.
Walls, type of barrier that prevents the enemy from moving freely through a specific area.
Gatling, the longer it attacks the same target, the more attack speed the Gatling gets.
Cluster Cake is a type of mine, exceptional for dealing with a large number of units.
Box Ninja, a Ninja in the Box… what more can one wish for!
Freeze Mine, it is a mine… that freezes enemies in radius… obviously.
Plasmagun, a cannon that shoots balls of plasma that goes through enemies in a line.
Dummy, loads of health that just stands there and takes damage.
Tesla, turret that shocks multiple targets at the same time.
Rocket Trap, it launches a salvo of several rockets dealing loads of damage at approaching targets.

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