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Rush Wars Airdrops are just a part of the arsenal available in this Clash-Royale type of game. It is the part of the battle over witch the player has the most direct control. Here you can find detailed stats, a bunch of tips and tricks, as well as strengths and weaknesses of all Rush Wars Airdrops.

Rush Wars Arcade


Arcade is of common quality Rush Wars Airdrops, single bomb-like ability, but instead of a bomb, you throw Arcade Machine. This ability deals a decent amount of damage in a small radius.

“Drop an arcade machine on them like a total rockstar. Damages enemy units in a small area and destroys obstacles.”

Strengths: Can remove obstacles, or the dangerous enemy units that are tucked away and protected.

Weakness: The damage is very low, so very few Troops will be one-shotted by this ability.

Target: This is one of the Airdrops that shouldn’t be used before the combat. Instead, start the fight and when some of the Troops like Pitcher or Bazooka get close to your flank (while you are dealing with the targets in front), use Arcade and dispose of the threat.

Counter: Keep those units spread such that two can’t be killed with one Arcade.

Rush Wars Boost


Boost is of rare quality Rush Wars Airdrops, it increases attack and movement speed of all allies in a certain radius, for several seconds.

“Boosts your allies attack speed and move speed with words of encouragement, delivered in an uplifting tone.”

Strengths: Good in combination with a large number of units. Good at dealing with Mortars (Mortar’s slow projectile speed can easily miss some of your allies that are under the effect of Boost since they will be moving faster than usual and, at the same time, allies will be able to quickly burst down any opponent).

Weakness: Low effectiveness in troop combos with units that cost 2 or more troop slots, or with troops that have a low rate of fire.

Target: With this ability, the main dilemma is when to use it. Obviously, try to target all of your troops, but more importantly, try to time it just as units engage in the decisive battle, in which they need to burst down one enemy and move forward to the next.

Counter: If you have squishy splash damage dealer (Pitcher/Bazooka), make sure to pair it up with more beefy Troops and position it behind them. This should provide more time for your back-liners to eliminate the opponent.

Rush Wars Heal


Heal is of Rare quality Rush Wars Airdrops that serves the purpose of restoring the health over time to your allies.

“Heals your units with some sort of green energy… and a 5-step healing program! Expect more emotionally stable troops after use.”

Heal is one of the Airdrops that works very well in combination with a large number of Troops that can survive more than one hit. If timed well (split second after first splash damage) Heal will allow for at least one (if not more) shots to be taken before your troops collapse. Note that Heal is not an instant, but instead, it is healing in radius over a certain period of time.

Strengths: Good against spread-out teams. It allows for engaging enemies on one part of the map with all your force, Heal-up, and continue as if nothing happened.

Weakness: When the enemy is grouped up with a lot of splash damage, they might be able to one-shot your entire group, rendering Heal almost useless (other Airdrops might be more appropriate in this situation)

Target/Timing: Try to land Heal the very second after the first splash damage has landed. If you are too late, there might not be enough time to heal up everyone, but if you act too early, you will waste a few ticks of healing (suboptimal use of Airdrops).

Counter: Healing is countered by having multiple splash-damage units covering the same ground. This is in general good advice, but difficult to pull-off in practice.

Rush Wars Invisibility


Invisibility is of Rare quality Rush Wars Airdrops, and it’s very simple in essence but can have a large number of creative uses. Invisibility is the first of Rush Wars Airdrops that costs more than one airdrop slot.

“Makes your allies invisible for a few seconds, even while attacking – everyone’s a ninja!”

An important note: unlike Ninja’s stealth, Invisibility won’t be interrupted when the unit attacks. This makes it very useful for vulnerable units that have high damage output.

Strengths: approaching a dangerous enemy unit while Invisible allows you to take it out before it can fire a single shot.

Weakness: Invisibility has to cover all the allies in the are, otherwise, if even one is missed, enemy splash damage will hit invisible troops while aiming at a few that remained visible. Also, it costs 2 Airdrop slots.

Timing/Positioning: Firstly, make sure to cover all allies in that area and secondly, time-it just before entering the attack range of the most dangerous defensive unit (for some this is Mortar, for other it is gatling and so on).

Counter: Place mines at entrances, also place your Mortars a bit more forward than usual, so that they can have attack longer attack range than the rest of your army.

Rush Wars Paratroopers


Paratroopers are Airdrop that unleashes two thick-mustache Troopers onto the opponents. It is a common quality drop that cost 1 airdrop slot.

Drops two Troopers on the enemy. Hawaiian shirts and hairy legs falling from the sky – Geronimo!

While their damage is not great, Paratroopers can be placed anywhere and take out a valuable target or, on the other hand, they can serve as bait – for example, to reset Gatling’s attack speed-up.

Strengths: With proper timing and placement, Paratroopers can deal a lot more damage than other, bomb-like Airdrops. When on the ground, they are an additional target for the enemy, effectively spreading their focus.

Weakness: If the enemy backline is protected by multiple troops/defenses than you have to wait until those units are engaged in combat. Even then, as soon as targets of those units are dead, they will switch to Paratroopers.

Positioning/Timing: Land them behind Mortar (unless it is protected by other Troops), otherwise wait for the enemy forces to engage your army, and then pop Paratroopers just behind them.

Counter: If your army is dispersed, at least someone can spot and take out Paratroopers.

Rush Wars Fridge


The Fridge is one of the Epic quality Airdrops that costs 2 slots and it is able to freeze multiple enemies, allowing your troops to safely get in range and dispose of the target.

“Freezes enemy units and sends a chilling message: someone left the fridge door open overnight and the yogurt has gone bad…”

The Fridge is excellent against tightly grouped up dangerous troops/defenses. Depending on your army composition, try to figure out which enemy poses the greatest threat, and land a Fridge at the moment you enter their attack range.

Strengths: incapacitate the biggest threat for a long period of time.

Weakness: It costs 2 Airdrop slots (more than most Airdrops), so you better be extremely efficient in timing and squeeze everything out of those several seconds.

Positioning/Timing: Try to hit multiple enemies with this drop. Make sure to land it just before your target becomes active.

Counter: Have your units at least slightly spread out so the Fridge can hit as few troops as possible.

Rush Wars Satellite


It is a much bigger and much stronger version of Arcade. It is one of the Rare quality Airdrops that takes up 2 slots.

Show that you mean business by pulling an object out of orbit and landing it on the enemy! Deals HUGE damage in a large area.

Able to lay waste onto the opponent troops, effectively one-shooting almost any infantryman.

Strength: Instantly takes out Troopers and Henchmen, and with its large radius, it can hit others as a side effect.

Weakness: One-time damage that depends on the number of units it hits. It costs 2 slots.

Positioning/Timing: There are two options here. The first one is to use it early on – when you place the army at starting points, begin combat by dropping Satellite. The other is to actually start the combat and pay attention to how the engagement is developing, and then use Satellite to disrupt the enemy forces at a crucial moment.

Counter: Having all high health units, evenly spread out.