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Commanders are special individuals available only for attacking part of the game. Unlike with standard rules for Rush Wars Troops, Commanders come with a few exceptions. Firstly, commanders cost zero army slots, and secondly, Commanders can be sent to combat only at full health (which gets replenished from 0 to 100% within 19 minutes). The process of restoring Rush Wars Commanders’ health can be accelerated with the use of gems.

Rush Wars Coach


He is a medium attack range commander that enhances the power of his Troops. This commander can work well within an army that relies on grouping up and quickly overpowering the front-line, then executing remaining forces one-by-one. Coach is available after HQ reach level 4.

“Always referring to himself in the 3rd person, Coach believes in shooting first and asking questions later – said Coach.”

ABILITY: Boosts your units’ attack speed and movement speed.

Coach’s damage per second is very high thanks to his fast attack speed. This commander has mediocre damage per shot, but he makes up for it by being able to attack both air and ground units. His Ability is extremely important in the first few moments of the fight since it allows your army to quickly get in range and take out the first target in no time. Coach’s commander ability cooldown is short enough to allow one, or even two additional uses per fight.

Strengths: When surrounded by his army and giving them Boost, Coach effectively creates “Death-ball”, a group that can quickly dispatch anything in its way.

Weakness: timing is so important that wasting even a single second is a huge deal.

Positioning/Timing: Place Coach in the middle of the pack, but far behind the front-line. Make sure there is something at front-line able to soak a few hits, giving enough time for this Commander and his pack to clean-up.

Activate Boost as soon as the core of your army reaches the opponent, or their Mortar range, whichever comes first.

Counter: To use Boost to the best of your ability, the army needs to be grouped up, but this makes your commander (and troops) vulnerable to splash or line damage.

Rush Wars Lady Granade

Lady Grenade

Of the early Rush Wars commanders, this one is the most impactful on her own. Yes, Coach is a better option when surrounded by loads of troops. Guess what she does?! She throws grenades. Lady Grenade’s splash damage can not be compared to that of other Rush Wars Commanders.

Straight outta Centre Court, Lady Grenade’s preferred greeting is a savage chest bump she likes to call the Grand Slam.

 ABILITY: Serves up a volley of grenades.

Her attack range is long, but she only attacks ground targets. Ideally, she should be used for dealing with troops like Troopers, Henchmen or Plumbers. This commander is slightly less effective against 2 units like Shields and Kungfu. Her main problem is dealing with a single unit that has a lot of Health.

Strengths: ability to quickly eliminate large numbers of easy-to-kill troops. Good attack range.

Weakness: Not able to attack Air. Units like Gorilla and Boxer can easily endure her damage, and if they are separated from the rest of the opposing army (Lady Grenade attacks only a single target), this commander is not a good choice.

Positioning/Timing: Place Lady Grenade slightly behind the front-line and as soon as several units are in range, and quickly use Volley of Grenades.

Counter: There has to be a good combination of splash damage, something to slow her down (like walls or Freeze Mine) and good single target damage. Sources of both types of damage should have a lot of health to survive her own damage output.

Rush Wars Bearman


Big, bulky, fast and dangerous, if Bearman gets his hands/paws on the unit, it is as good as gone.

Being raised by bears gave Bearman a unique perspective on life, but he never learned to talk so no one knows what it is.

ABILITY: Charges forward, smashing through and into things.

With the ability to charge at the opponents, breaching any barricade along the way, Bearman is one of the commanders that are extremely difficult to stop. This makes him great at taking the enemy splash damage and dragging it away from the rest of the army. Bearman protects his allies by being one of the most offensive commanders. You better pack some real firepower behind him, otherwise he will die without any troops jumping in, and you’ll waste one of the best commanders.

Strength: Extremely fast melee unit (yes, being melee is a strength, as it drives Bearman to get closer to the opponent, dragging the fire away from his allies), and able to take multiple hits.

Weakness: By the nature of the ability to charge at great movement speed, Bearman is usually first to enter the combat, thus exposing himself to the adversary. It is crucial to time the charge well with the movement of the other units.

Positioning/Timing: At the start, position Bearman somewhat behind the slow-moving front-line. As Bearman charges at the opposing army, your forces should be just a few squares behind him unleashing everything they got.

Counter: Have a target for Bearman to charge at, something like Dummy. Also, place that target/Dummy within the attack range of your cannons, rocket trucks or whatever you have on the field.

Rush Wars Mother


One can acquire Mother Commander only after HQ reach level 6. Mother is an advanced version of Plumber Van, with a twist. Instead of Plumbers, she summons Henchmen, and unlike Van that just stands there useless, Mother’s Egg Tank can actually shoot.

From the safety of her weird egg tank, Mother runs her tech startup. It takes a bold CEO to add a cannon to their office.

ABILITY: Hires a couple of loyal Henchmen.

The mother provides a lot of distraction for the opponent’s army. After the opponent deals with the waves of Henchmen, he still has to deal with Mother herself. The main problem with Mother (and Plumber Van for that matter) is the fact she would be much better at defense than the offense.

Strength: At best 6 Henchmen will soak 6 single target attacks, at worst they soak 3 splash damage attacks. The mother alone is also able to soak up several hits.

Weakness: lacking impact. She is one of the commanders that could be useful in defense, but in the offensive part of the game, not so much.

Position: Place Mother just behind your front, because once front-liners die, her Henchmen should be the next in line to take the beating, and after that her Tank.

Counter: Troops or defenses that shoot in line, like Laser, Plasmagun or Hotshot.

Rush Wars BIG


A big, giant dinosaur robot that shoots a laser from his mouth and stomps the enemy troops. He can attack both Air and Ground units with his laser.

Notorious for a firing’ his laser, B.I.G. also loves to read archeology novels while imprisoned inside the robot dinosaur.

ABILITY: Jumps forward and lands with a S.T.O.M.P.

BIG’s attack (laser) function similarly to Gatling. Meaning, the more time he spends attacking the same opponent, the higher attack speed and damage buff he’ll get. This makes him one of the best Rush Wars Commanders for attacking a single target. BIG’s secret weapon is STOMP, an ability that clears up low health units in the area of effect. Basically, B.I.G is one of the most versatile commanders, since he can take out both low-health mobs and high-health single targets, and also attack air units.

Strength: Good against both troops with low (STOMP), and troops with high health pool (laser).

Weakness: Firstly, his laser takes time to “warm-up”, and secondly, by jumping in with STOMP he gets closer to the enemy and essentially exposes himself to the shots.

Positioning/Timing: At the start, position BIG in the middle, between your front and backline. As soon as enemy forces gather, use STOMP.

Counter: Have your turrets/troops spread in so that STOMP can’t hit too many targets. Also, have at least a few high-health units/turrets.