Hello and welcome to the Bluemoon Game, the place where you can find the best Rush Wars guides, covering everything from positioning of the Gold Mine defenses to the various tactics, strategies, tips, and tricks in the “Attack” part of the game.

Defense guide is somewhat limited in scope because we don’t have access to the Commander or Airdrops, and we are basically left with Troops and Defenses. The most important aspect of defense is the positioning of troops and defensive structures. This is affected by several factors, namely attack range, amount of health and the ability to attack air. For starters, we have created one Rush Wars Defense guide covering the most important principals. This should be enough until super high ranking games, at which point we are going to delve deeper into this subject with an advanced Defense Guide.

Considering the more active, attacking part of the game, our goal here is to create a number of Rush Wars Guides covering all the nitty-gritty aspects of popular strategies, tips and tricks, that are part of the current game meta.

Gold Mine Defense Guide

Welcome to the Rush Wars gold mine defense guide in which we will present to you some of the best ways to set up your gold mine defenses. These guidelines are based on experience acquired during the game’s beta testing period, and the guide will be updated once the games go live (obviously we expect to see some game balancing changes once this happens).

Let’s go over some basic rules of gold mine defenses.

After placing the defense, it will last for 24 hours, at which point the gold mine will be depleted and we will go to a new site and repeat the process of placing defenses. At that time the map will change and may require different defensive setup.

The player has no direct input during this game segment, Commander and Airdrop are not available, meaning that we are left with Troops and Defenses.

Defending players can place troops, turrets, mines and other contraptions in order to protect the three gold mines. Basically, during every attack, a maximum of three stars can be gained in total (1 star for each gold mine), by either attacking or defending the player. For every gold mine destroyed the attacker will gain one star, and for every gold mine that survives the attack, the defending player will gain a star.

When a player gathers 100 defensive stars, he can exchange them for the Defense Box, filled with more or less standard goodies (some cards, gold/gems).

The number of available defensive slots depends on the Chopper level.

Basic Tips for Gold Mine Defense

• Protect the forward Gold mines and ignore the ones in the back. Make sure the frontline is defended with big guns like Cannon, Gatling, Laser and so on. Some of these defensive structures should have enough range to defend both forward and backline gold mines in the case of Paratroopers, but committing more than that for your inner defenses would be a waste of resources.
• When placing Mortar, make sure to protect it with something that is able to attack Air units and/or clear anything that approaches within the Mortar’s melee range, since Mortar has a minimum range and can’t fire on targets that are too close to it.
• Make sure to have a good mix of units, some of which are able to attack Air, otherwise, the entire defense will be vulnerable to units like Jetpacks, or Helipod.
• Position units in such a way that their maximum attack range overlaps. This means that your units and defensive structures will be able to open fire simultaneously and protect each other.
• If you are using Mines, Bombs, Cluster Cake or Rocket Trap, place them forward, outside the range of your guns, so that they can soften up the enemy before your guns open fire. This way, the enemy will suffer some damage before engaging your main force, and now your troops and turrets can clean up the opponent’s already depleted army.
• Plumber Hole placement. If you use this defense structure, place it well inside the range of your other defenses, so that Plumbers can engage and delay the enemy while your other defenses are firing.
• Freeze Mine and Dummy should be placed in front of your defenses and within their range, because they will buy time for your army to deal with enemies that are frozen or attacking dummy. Also, if you deploy one of these, avoid using the other one, walls, and other passive defenses. By placing multiple passive defenses that buy time, the firepower of the rest of the army will be severely decreased.

Most important defensive troops, turrets, and mines – Rush Wars Guide


Shields – Good option if you wish to halt the enemy at a specific location and deal some minor amount of damage.

Pitchers – If they have someone to take few hits for them (like Shields or some turret), Pitchers can deal a solid amount of damage, especially against a large number of units (say Troopers, Henchmen, Kungfu and other multi-member squads.)

Rocket Truck – An excellent way to deal loads of splash damage. This unit is somewhat similar to Mortar. It has less range, but faster attack speed, more mobility and no minimum range (unlike Mortar).

Laser – great at defending against the enemy advancement through narrow passages. Another good thing about the Laser is its ability to attack Air units.


Cannon – The most powerful and versatile single target unit/turret currently in the game, with strong single target attack damage, good attack range, loads of health, and the ability to hit both air and ground.

Mortar – A bread and butter of early to mid game defenses. Mortar has a super long attack range but has two severe limitations, it can’t attack air, nor targets in melee range.

Gatling – Very strong against targets with loads of health, able to attack both Air and Ground at a long-range.

Rocket Trap – Very powerful trap that attacks three targets. However, it only becomes available in the late game.

Cluster Cake – Depending on the enemy setup, this mine can demolish half of the opponent’s army.

Walls – Excellent at funneling or halting the enemy progression. Without proper setup of the rest of the defense, walls are useless.

Freezing Mine – Units frozen are practically dead because there is no chance they will endure the onslaught for the duration of the freeze.

Ninja Attack – Rush Wars Guide

In this Rush Wars guide, we’re going to talk about Ninja, Arcade & Tank and the best ways to utilize them. This guide has been tried and tested many times, and it will work successfully in most situations and against most defensive setups, but not all of them.

Core units of Ninja Attack Guide: Tank + Ninja + Arcade

This guide will present you with an interesting “Bait and Destroy” strategy. It takes advantage of bad turret/unit positioning in order to draw the attention of enemy units and bait them to one side while sending Ninja behind their back to clean up Gold Mines or Mortar.

First things first, let’s make sure that we know what Ninja can do.
• The ninja can take out almost every enemy in a few hits
• Can walk over traps in Stealth without activating them
• Can take down Gold Mines and walk into the melee range of Mortar without activating it, while in stealth mode

Second, the things Ninja can’t do:
• Takedown Cannon unless it is targeting some other strong unit.
• Survive more than a few seconds inside enemy range while not in stealth

Now, we will have to guide the Ninja along the correct path. Here is the list of things we’re looking for:
• Side of the map with open entrance (no walls).
• That side can be defended with troops and/or Mortar.
• There should be NO Cannon/Gatling inside Ninja’s aggro range while he’s moving along the chosen pathway (otherwise the Ninja will attack it and die in the process).

Failing to meet any of the last three conditions, will probably lead to disaster, so this guide might not be the best idea in that scenario. However, if the conditions are met, then this guide is appropriate and we may proceed:
• Place the Tank as far to the back as possible and on the opposite side of where you plan to send Ninja.
• Initiate the fight by landing Arcade so that it activates all enemies on that side. They will target your tank and start moving toward him. (Make sure to have Tank, or another slow unit, on the ground before the Arcade activates the enemy, otherwise, they won’t move and our plan will fail).
• Wait for the enemy units to get out of Ninja’s way, and then send him in.

Why are we using Tank in this Rush Wars Guide? Well, for several reasons:
• It is very slow and, because of that, when the combat starts, it won’t rush the enemy positions, so most of the enemies will have to come out and face it, leaving an open path for our Ninja.
• It has a lot of health. Tank’s large health pool will enable it to soak up multiple attacks before going down, drawing enemies even further from the goldmines.
•The tank is a long-range, splash damage unit, a perfect tool for this job. The Tank will stop and open fire as soon as the first enemy enters its range dealing splash damage to several enemies. Since it out-ranges most enemy units, it will likely open fire before anyone else, forcing the rest of the opponent’s forces to move in closer toward him, and drawing them even further from Ninja’s path.

Here are a few variations of this strategy depending on the units available to the player.
• The tank can be replaced with other units like Gorilla or Shields. The point is still the same, have something fairly durable that moves slowly that can attract enemy units and take some punishment.
• At the center of this guide are Ninja and Arcade, so the plan can be set in motion as soon as you get both of them. Later in the game, when slots for more units become available, this can work as a part of a larger strategy. For example, once there are 2 Airdrop slots available, you can send in Paratroopers together with Ninja, to either take a few shots instead of him or to help taking down turrets/gold mines.
• If you have 2 Ninjas, don’t send both of them at once (unless you need to bring down the Cannon), instead send one, and if he gets killed, send in another one.

The best thing about this strategy is the fact it can be developed across time when there are more units available.
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