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Samsung will use AMD’s graphics technology in their future Smartphones

Samsung uses AMD’s Graphics for Smartphones! The deal was just signed that is said to give Samsung phones a keen advantage over the competition. According to the disclosed info, AMD is going to license their custom graphics IP for phones made by Samsung. It is said that the IP is going to be relying on the RDNA graphics model of architecture as a basis. Lastly, it is said that this deal is only limited, for now, to mobile phones.

AMD and Samsung are now bound by a very nice contract, especially convenient for the phone manufacturer, but which also presumably promotes AMD’s gear for other companies later down the road. Samsung is now able to use licensed mobile graphics design and AMD’s IP (intellectual property) in its Smartphone build. This contract is said to be a multilayered cooperation between the two companies. Certainly, Samsung’s Smartphone software is already highly praised on the market. With this move, they aim to upgrade their hardware sector, which will make them a force to be reckoned with.

No further in-depth info is available about the AMD/Samsung contract, but the press release did mention RDNA graphics architecture, which was also unveiled as a part of the upcoming next-gen consoles by PlayStation and Xbox both. So, with AMD covering the two most prestigious consoles and now one of the competitor brands of Smartphones, they are on the rise.

The Smartphone market is dominated by ARM and Qualcomm at the moment, so this may be a refreshing pace for the potential buyers as more competitors mean better quality and lower prices. This may be one of the reasons Smartphone prices have recently been more and more affordable. AMD graphics in Samsung Smartphones is surely going to give them an uncanny advantage and it is a good promotional move for both companies, according to many online sources.