Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review


There’s no denying that Samsung Galaxy S10+ is one of the most hyped-up devices of all time. However, that fact certainly doesn’t imply that Samsung’s wonder boy had fallen short from high hopes and great expectations the community had for it. Indeed, although it obviously follows the more conventional path than some of its futuristic foldable cousins, S10+ model is arguably the pinnacle of Samsung’s mobile development in the past few years. This is the device which puts all those high-end technological and aesthetical tendencies into one sleek-looking, powerful package worthy of redemption which South Korean giant offered to the unimpressed world after half-hearted reactions for S9 line.

Ironically, although Samsung Galaxy S10+ is technically speaking more evolution than a revolution of Samsung’s established concept (and a very consistent one at that), Samsung still gave us one of the best smartphones of its generation. In fact, it’s so good, that we can start this review from any angle since almost its every major feature merits undisputable praise. So, let’s start from the thing that initially attracts everyone’s attention – and that’s the screen.

Samsung’s gorgeous Infinity-O display is a thing of beauty in itself: mirror-like and stretching elegantly through the whole front surface of the phone, with gently curved sides which seamlessly blend with the back of the phone. The only thing that somewhat mars this impeccable overall impression is a dual selfie camera system in the upper right corner, but even they are actually pretty discrete. Of course, besides being a triumph from the designer’s point of view, this supersized 6.4 inches Dynamic Super AMOLED display which boasts 1440 x 3040 pixels and 19:9 ratio will deliver the flawless image, with vivid natural colors, crystalline sharpness, and brightness that puts to shame almost everything that competition has to offer. In fact, this record-breaking display has even been awarded A+ by DisplayMate with the best result in several key areas from color accuracy, through contrast to luminance.

Under the glossy surface of Samsung Galaxy S10+ screen hides another new nifty feature – ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor conveniently placed at the bottom of the screen. Sure, we’ve seen fingerprint sensors before, but this one isn’t based on conventional optical technology but works on the principle of ultrasonic waves. That makes it not only more reliable, but it also comes with cool ripples effect which additionally accentuates its ultrasonic nature. The only weakness worth mentioning (and even that barely) is that it sometimes can be a bit difficult to find the exact spot where it’s located.

Moving on to the next novel feature, Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the first Samsung’s model with three back cameras. This triple rear camera system consists of main 12 MP camera with the standard AOV (viewing angle), 12 MP telephoto camera and 16 MP ultra-wide camera. Together, this triple camera combo affords one of the most capable and multipurpose camera systems we’ve ever had the opportunity to see in a mobile device. They produce photographs of exceptional quality in just about any type of lighting, and although you’ll probably be relying on the main camera most of the time, two additional cameras will be enabling you to take great photos with admirable versatility, easily matching the very best attempts from companies such as Apple of Huawei. Even the selfies you’ll be making with the front cameras will be of extravagant quality, thanks to the fact that, unlike most devices on the market, they have autofocus. The front cameras also support a number of nice effects which will make your selfies even more attractive.

Of course, there’s even more to Samsung Galaxy S10+ than just a gorgeous display, reliable fingerprint sensor, and great cameras. Samsung certainly wasn’t making any compromises with other components. Depending on the location where it’s sold, Samsung Galaxy S10+ comes with two different chipsets – Snapdragon 855 (USA) and Exynos 9820 (the rest of the world). It’s obvious that Samsung Galaxy S10+ was created with a wide array of users and their particular needs in mind, so you’ll be able to fine-tune the rest of the features to your liking. Internal memory also comes in two versions – 8GB RAM and 12GB RAM – while internal storage ranges from 128GB, through 256GB and 512GB, all the way to impressive 1TB. It all depends on your personal needs and preferences, as well as the size of your pocket. And if you’re one of those insatiable data-hoarders and you need even more storage space on your phone, you can always install a microSD card with up to 512GB. Other features such as fast charging 4100 mAh battery are equally great, and this phone also supports the whole bunch of other common and uncommon features. 

The price? Well, it entirely depends on the components of your choice. For instance, the most basic version of Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage will cost you $999, and it can escalate all the way up to $1,599 if you opt for all the top components. And while it’s not what you would actually call a trifle, this is what we kind of expected for one of the best (the best?) smartphones currently on the market, and certainly Samsung’s finest effort yet

9.3 Awesome
  • Features 10
  • Design 9
  • Performances 9
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 9.2