Mobile phone enthusiasts often tend to be a pretty fanatical bunch when it comes to their favorite brands and models. If we don’t count loyal iPhone supporters which undoubtedly make a category for themselves, it seems that none are more fervent than Samsung users. Recently the android scene had become all hyped up about the release of Samsung’s new flagship, Samsung Galaxy S10, which is announced for the first quarter of 2019, although (and that’s the strangest thing in the whole story) Samsung Galaxy S9 only appeared a couple of months ago. Although this phenomenon might be conveniently explained as a need of ardent technology enthusiasts to perpetually renew their hardware, it seems that there is more to it that it meets the eye.

Now, Samsung Galaxy S9 is undoubtedly a fine device, but it has been frequently described as “dull” and “predictable” – on the other hand, the S10 model is eagerly awaited as the second coming.  It seems that the real reason behind this is that all those highly anticipated innovations that should’ve been implemented in the S9 were skipped, and will most likely appear in the next generation. Of course, we won’t dwell too much on the reasons behind this decision (after all, it will be their anniversary model, so it kind of makes sense), but let’s instead check out which are those rad innovations that are credited to the highly anticipated Samsung S10.

The first of these supposed features is the in-display fingerprint sensor, which, if rumors are to be trusted, is a technology that Samsung had been trying to develop for quite some time – only to be beaten to it by Vivo’s X20 Plus UD phone. Another innovation is also connected with the 6.2-inch Oled display. It seems that the display will have sound-emitting properties, thanks to the application of the technology that relies on the principle of bone conduction to convey the sound directly via a display, thus eliminating the need for conventional speakers. There may indeed be some truth to this particular gossip, especially because one of the main tendencies of the Galaxy S10 design-wise is minimizing all the “unnecessary” elements – the new model may even sport a bezel-free look. The previous model had a Snapdragon 845 chipset, but for this occasion, Samsung had decided to save no expenses, so we can expect to see Snapdragon 855 in Galaxy S10.

If we add to that a bunch of other improvements such as a larger battery, UFS 3.0 flash storage modules, LPDDR5 Ram chips, Oled display with 2960 x 1440 resolution, better optics perhaps even with triple-lense cameras and a 3D face scanner, it becomes clear that this hype is not unfounded.

Of course, most of these rumors haven’t been confirmed yet, so it remains to be seen which of these features will actually be included in the new model. However, Galaxy S10’s codename is “Beyond”, which is fairly indicative and may point to the fact that this model should surpass its precedents, as well as to blow away the competition – what better way to achieve both goals than to really implement at least some of these awesome features? Call it an educated guess, but it seems that Samsung enthusiasts have plenty of reasons to rejoice.