Samsung Galaxy S11 Announced

Samsung Galaxy S11 releasing in February?

Samsung Galaxy S11 is next in line for a big release, and it won’t take long according to online sources. It will be Samsung’s first flagship of the year 2020, and it will come out in February, according to reports, or at least around it. It is likely the case because it is the company’s yearly tradition when they cycle through model releases, but there are also rumors about the specifications included, and they look tasty.

Samsung Galaxy S10 was cool, but S11 will bring some additional perks and features which were not even present on A80, Fold, and Note 10. In fact, Galaxy S11 is said to be inspired by all of the mentioned Smartphone models and it learns from their mistakes and tries to supplement their cons. The likely price expected for this upcoming model is $899, so it certainly is going to be in the upper class of devices, but what are we getting for 900 bucks?

Overview of info available:

  • Release date – February 18 (most likely)
  • Cost – $899 (expected)

Samsung Galaxy S11 Announced

The expected release date is due to the fact that S10 came out in late February, 2019, we are hoping it won’t be later than March 2020. February will also bring Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, and given the fact that S10 was $899, the expected price for the upcoming model may or may not be the same. It depends really… And, this is presumably for the cheapest version, with lowest storage, while it is expected to go well over $1100 for advanced models. However, the upcoming model might ask for a bit more green, irrespective of the storage or the version, because it is expected to drop as possibly the most advanced Smartphone for the company when compared to current competitive models.

According to leaked photos, it will feature a hole-punch slightly repositioned like on Note 10 model, and its camera setup looks rather mean from this point of view, with a 5 to 6 lens setup. Also, it will have a 6.63 to 6.7 inch screen, and it will be a bit straighter than in S10. The overall design does look a bit sleeker, with smaller bezels, and an overall “style+functionality” feeling in general.  Dimensions are rumored to be 161.9×73.7×7.8mm, making Samsung Galaxy S11 a larger model than its predecessor. Other features are at this point pure speculation and they include 120Hz screen refresh rate, 108MP camera sensor setup, and other stuff which we certainly hope are true.