Samsung patented the “clean” Infinity-O display


Earlier this month, Samsung had the developers’ conference, in which they revealed some interesting new features for their future phones. Among them, the most interesting innovation came in the form of the Infinity-O display, as one of the four solutions for the future displays. Those solutions are for the screen with a notch, no notch and even panels with a hole for the camera. We have only seen an outline of these new designs for the display and we don’t think we will see them on any device anytime soon.

"clean" Infinity-O display Samsung

However, there was a recent leak that gave us the first look at the Infinity-O display. Not much can be seen from it, except for the panel with the hole in the top corner. Samsung foreshadowed that kind of device even before they revealed Infinity-O, during the launch event for Galaxy A9s and Galaxy A6s in China. The teaser showed that the display doesn’t have a notch. It was mentioned in subsequent reports that the display would actually have a hole to accommodate the front camera.

The further confirmation of this new display came from the fact that Samsung filed for the entry in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in the Hague, which are the drafts for the phone with the hole in the display. Galaxy S10 is most likely supposed to have that kind of design, and this move probably means that Samsung will definitely employ that kind of display to their phones.

Interesting enough, on most of these images, the hole in the display was on the top-left, except for the J-L drafts, which are supposed to be the separate design. The question remains how will Samsung manage to pierce through the display without damaging the ability to show uninterrupted imagery. Some Korean media speculate that Samsung will use laser drilling technology. However, that would be more difficult to do with Samsung flexible OLED displays, because they use plastic instead of glass.

However, if someone could do that its Samsung. The company is known for breaking the barriers and pushing the technology forward. We will wait and see how Galaxy S10 will be and which new features it will bring to the table.