Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum

Saviors of Uldum expansion for Hearthstone is now live

Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum is out now with new cards, new prizes, and new content.  If you’ve saved up on gold, now is the time to purchase new packs and check out new card designs. As the meta shifts once again and the competitive factor is reset somewhat, Blizzard is here offering some new chances for new players to get in on the competitive bandwagon. Saviors of Uldum also come with a neat trailer with ‘80s music, so let’s enjoy it:

Blizzard removed the $80 pre-order purchase pack a long time ago, which means that now there is no more ramp boost players with deep pockets could buy themselves. Everyone is either on their own, left to their skill, or if you want to spend $4.99 on Hearthstone, you can buy a welcome bundle which contains 10 card packs and a legendary card of a classic dragon. This has increased the competitive pool for the game significantly according to many online sources and pro players. Also, as the last couple of expansions and seasons generally favored Hunters, Mages, Warriors, and Rogues, players of other classes are now hoping to get their day in the Sun.

Some Hearthstone card online guides for Saviors of Uldum reported that now the balance shifts towards Druids a bit. Hunters are staying where they are apparently, which is pretty good, and they now have several top tier cards added. The Mage got 10 cards which are evenly balanced and keep this class versatility, while Paladins are having some problems with implementing new cards.

Priests have arguably gained the biggest boost with Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum, with almost all new cards being top tier, while rogues have gotten mixed cards, increasing options but also gaining some weak cards. Shamans also gained mostly top tier cards and some weak ones, while almost all of the new Warlock cards are top tier, bringing the Warlocks back into the fight. Warriors are also gaining top tier cards mostly, staying in the competitive rank. However, the biggest balance shift comes with neutrals, so you should check out all the cards you potentially get as to their rank and utility.