Puzzle games are probably the most oversaturated genre on the mobile games market, with the games rarely getting any traction and the game developers constantly dishing out new titles in hopes that one is going to blow up, most of them being free with the option to buy additional levels or upgrades, unlike most, Scalak tries with the buy once model.

Well, What is Scalak?

To put it in simple terms – it’s a new minimalist puzzle game by Hamster on Coke games (probably the greatest developer name I’ve seen), they already published a couple of rather obscure puzzle games, Zenge being the most well known of them.

In Scalak you are given pieces of different shapes, your task is to fit these shapes together or fill them in a way that there is no empty space. You are also given the ability to rotate the block from time to time or given a specific task like matching the colors of shapes or connecting crystals with each other.

Ever played with the shape sorter toys in your very early childhood? It’ basically a more complex version of that.

When you fill up a shape it feels very satisfying, the animation of shapes being put together was done extremely well, other than slowly fitting into the place there is a small flash. After you beat a level, the next one appears by shapes popping up.

The game doesn’t give you an introduction, it just starts you off at the first stage and expects you to understand what you need to do, and in general, it feels better without a handholding tutorial, there really isn’t a reason for one.

It’s not very hard to understand and once you get a hang of how to move, rotate, swipe and put blocks together it will feel very natural to do.

The controls are simple enough but they can be a bit “stiff” at times. Don’t get me wrong the game isn’t unplayable in any manner but it will require a few more clicks to get working perfectly. For example, if you want to remove a block you have to click on it, then click on the x next to it which seems a bit pointless when just one drag would be fine.

There are 90 levels total, each being unique in the way you solve it and adding variety to the game.

There really isn’t much replayability, it’s a game that you play once and are done with, there really isn’t a reason to go back to it.

With a price that is not too heavy for the pocket, it will keep you entertained for a couple of hours. The game mechanics are interesting in their own way while being simple enough to pick up instantly. If you want a very casual experience or if you want to play a puzzle game that is different than most on the market you can’t really go too wrong with this game.

You can get Scalak on the App Store, Google play, or on Steam.