J.P. Morgan Advises Apple to Acquire Blizzard, Activision or Netflix

Apple had it ‘tough’ in the last six months or so. Huawei took second place from this American company as the largest smartphone vendor in the world. Also, the feud between China and USA didn’t help their iPhone sales. Namely, Wall Street believes that the informal boycott of iPhone and other Apple products in China […]

MSF Update V2.3

MARVEL Strike Force Upcoming V.2.3 Update for 2019

With the end of 2018, the MARVEL Strike Force developing team is opening a new chapter for the upcoming 2019, and they are determined to follow up on all major fans’ demands. Firstly, the updates and the in-game issues will be presented and solved shortly. And, some of your favorite heroes will receive an overhaul, […]

Pirate Code Review

Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea

Drink up, me ‘earties, because we have another pirate game for mobile phones on our marauding pirate hands. Nowadays, there’s a pretty solid choice of this particular sub-genre for mobile platforms, but I’m willing to bet my years’ worth of ill-gotten loot that there aren’t many pirate games that are as cute and appealing as […]

Jam City and Disney Announced Their Partnership

Jam City and Disney Announced a Mobile Game Development Partnership

Great things are bound to happen when extraordinary people or companies join their forces and create something with the combined effort. Imagine what would happen if Picasso had paired paints and brushes with van Gogh, or companies like Microsoft and Apple had overcome their rivalry and developed something together. But what would you say if […]

Massive Warfare: Aftermath

Massive Warfare: Aftermath

In the current market which is overflowed with the strategic games, it’s very difficult to find a formula which differs from something that players have seen a million times. This game called Massive Warfare: Aftermath is an attempt to create a massive online strategy game which will offer something new to the players. This game […]

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Top 5 mobile action games

The mobile market has so many action games to offer it’s sometimes hard to sort out the good titles. Gone are the days when smartphones and tablets played second fiddle to more muscular consoles and PCs. Responsive, high-resolution touch screens and powerful phones let Android devices deliver full-featured action experiences complete with stunning graphics and […]