Sega Sammy Persona5

Sega Sammy Come to Senses in Terms of Localization

People all around the world love Japanese games. Unfortunately, that was not something Japanese developers and publishers figured out right from the start. And this is still something many are working on. However, Japanese culture has always been closed off for the rest of the world until finally, someone understood revenue potential of other markets.

Based on the Sega Sammy Holdings Integrated Report 2018, this company has a pretty clear plan to win other markets, and localization is one of them. Their strategy until 2020 besides creating multi-channel sales of video games for mobile devices, PCs, and consoles, also includes strengthening publishing and localization. Additionally, they intend to aim for simultaneous worldwide releases in Asian, European and US markets.

Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. was created in 2004 by merging Sega and Sammy, the latter a company working with pachinko machines. After the merger, the new company took over content for all sorts of games from digital to amusement machines. When it comes to digital games, Sega Sammy develops and distributes PC online games and games for smartphones.

Thanks to their localization practice so far, the sales overseas were impressive. The best example is the Persona5 game which was translated into English, traditional Chinese and Hangul. Sega Sammy understood that the game’s popularity in Japan won’t bring in the international profit. One of the important members of Sega Group is ATLUS a studio from California which understands Japanese and American games. This gives the studio an advantage to perform excellent localization of Japanese games that don’t affect the quality and content of the titles.

Persona 5

The localization starts as early as the development stage when game contents are sent to the localization team for translation. This allows for quick release of international versions of the games and is something that Sega Sammy plans to continue and even improve with a goal to release games simultaneously on all markets. With such a sound strategy, it’s without a doubt that Sega Sammy will earn profits on a global level by winning over fans from all over the world.

Therefore, big things are ahead of us and finally, we will be able to play Japanese titles at the same time they’re released in Japan. This is a huge deal for Japanese developers since many will follow Sega’s strategy once the revenue stats are in. And the predictions about those are promising for Sega Sammy, meaning that are profitable for every other Japanese developer.