Shakedown: Hawaii newest trailer before release just dropped!


Shakedown: Hawaii is getting ready for a hostile takeover of the market with their ingenious gangster…we mean, business-themed video game coming this spring on Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS4, PSVita, and PC. This means in under three months time, we will be able to awaken the inner entrepreneur and begin shaking down people on the Hawaii island ourselves.

Shakedown: Hawaii switch and the version for other platforms is expected to come as a single release, all at once. The game’s developers Vblank Entertainment have honed their skills with their previous title Retro City and other similar games, and are now getting ready to showcase their supreme craft of bringing a ‘90s crime/thriller/action movie together with several cool video game genres.

Shakedown: Hawaii reviews and early gameplay footage look very promising. This latest trailer dropped less than twenty-four hours ago, on April 11th, 2019. It shows that everything promised so far and more will be featured in this game that will bring out the gangster in you.

shakedown havaii

If you’re caught it’s a crime, if not it’s business…
And, even if you get caught, you can always blackmail their families. Just thinking out loud…

Under the ‘big business’ slogan, Shakedown: Hawaii parodies the all too familiar methodology and the mentality of aspiring, money hungry sharks of the ‘90s and ‘00s. as the player plays just such a guy who needs to take over the Hawaii island and all its various businesses. You will build ‘legitimate’ corporations, ‘acquire’ businesses, ‘re-shape’ the land, and ‘protect’ shops… Simply put, you will certainly be a very active and outgoing person, with a wide social circle.

Shakedown: Hawaii is a 16-bit, old school looking, open-world action game, with a wide diversity of gameplay mechanics and options. It incorporates everything from action, driving, puzzle, and even brick breaker games. It promises to be tons of fun and a refreshing take on video games everywhere.