Shieldwall Chronicles promises over 50 hours of story


All of you fans of tactical RPG games probably know about Wave Light game studio and their influential mobile game Demon’s Rise. Not only it was one of the better games in the genre, but it also has some of the most creative and interesting character classes.

A few years later came a sequel, which puts you in the role of a bunch of evil characters, as opposed to mostly Goody Two Shoes from the first game. There were regular updates from both of the games, in form of new content and features. After those two, Wave Light made Strike Team Hydra, another tactical RPG with a science fiction theme instead of a fantasy one. All those games were also released on Steam, where they have been well received. The interesting thing is that the latest game made by Wave Light, Shieldwall Chronicles, launch the Steam first, with a mobile version currently in the work.

Shieldwall Chronicles swords of the north

According to the trailer, Shieldwall Chronicles has similar gameplay style as the previous games by the same developer, and they actually share the same engine with it, but every aspect of Shieldwall Chronicles has been upgraded compared to Demon’s Rise and Strike Team Hydra.

Peculiar feature in Shieldwall Chronicles is that it will play out like a game book, with multiple branching paths to choose from. The campaign will reportedly offer more than 50 hours of gameplay. Another added feature is a moral system, which will make your units perform better if their comrades are performing well. Of course, that means the bad performance of their compatriots will affect their abilities negatively.

Shieldwall Chronicles swords of the north

The Shieldwall Chronicles will arrive for iOS on the last day of January, but its developers are performing a short beta test so they can debug any minor issues that might appear. If you are really curious to see how this game will look and feel you can apply for the testing, otherwise just wait until the end of the month to try your hands on it.