Skibs is a Psychedelic Infinite Runner in Multicolor

This year, like the previous one, is also going to bring us a lot of minimalistic and fun games. One of those will certainly be a minimalistic indie title Skibs that will look like the early ‘80s but give the ‘70s vibe.

Now, you may roll your eyes already at the title stating Skibs is an infinite runner, but this is more than your usual triangle-type of the protagonist trying to travel unscathed through a narrow passageway. As you saw in the trailer, Skibs may be an infinite runner but it will surprise you.

Developed by Heinous Games founded by Steven Hanus, Skibs fulfills all the demands of the genre. Players will have to navigate through narrow and differently shaped passages in order to survive. But, the developer didn’t make it that plain and easy. They added skibs to the mix – power-ups which can really complicate the game. For example, a skib can grow as big as your ship and make it crash, can distort the playing field and make it hard for you to navigate and cause all sorts of other anomalies that will make the gameplay harder and more challenging.

However, if you observe how the game looks, you will notice that it’s intention is to be as complicated as possible but not so much that it will ruin your game. The point of Skibs is to confuse even the most experienced infinite runner players with its visual uniqueness and psychedelic appearance. Manipulation of geometric shapes helps it achieve an interesting art style and as the promo says “it may cause hallucinations.” Of course, you won’t have actual hallucinations, but the art will definitely make you doubt your vision and thus affect your score.

Skibs will feature 28 challenges and it will only get harder as you progress. You will have to complete goals in order to level up, and as you become gradually successful so will the skibs’ number multiply. And more skibs mean that the gameplay will become more challenging, so get ready to play an infinite runner unlike any other you already had a chance to play.

The game will be out on February 8 and it will cost only 99 cents, but also you can pre-order it right now on App Store. Skibs will be available for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux and as the developer says “Play if you dare!”