Skylanders Ring of Heroes Gold Guide

Skylanders RoH Gold Guide

How to earn/farm Gold?

This question plagues the minds of many players but it is not something with one and simple solution. Below you can find Skylanders RoH Gold guide, but always have this on your mind:
There is no magic trick to earn you gold, but instead, it is a by-product of good planning, efficient farming and avoiding reckless spending.
Things to do:

Saving Gold is as important as earning.

The first lesson everyone should learn about gold farming is that there are numerous ways of spending gold, but very few efficient ways to quickly farm. Whatever it is you want to spend gold, consider one question: Does it help you reach the next goal? If it does, then go ahead. However, if it is something you are just able to do (instead of something you absolutely need to do) then avoid spending the gold no matter how big the stash is (once you start spending it will dry up extremely fast). For example, experimenting with powering-up runes or Skylanders is a waste of gold. Do the research before spending gold.

Cave of Gold is the most time-efficient way of earning gold

Cave of Gold can be found in the Challenge section and it is a fast way of earning some cash. However, it is limited to only 3 attempts per day. Pick the difficulty level you can safely execute because attempts will be spent regardless of it being successful or not.

Daily Quests

A portion of the daily-quest rewards is gold. These quests are fairly easy to complete and should be done on a regular basis. The amount of gold is not great, but the majority of quests can be completed while focusing on other things.

Bonus Time event

This is one of the most important aspects of farming gold. Occasionally a timed event will show up in the form of Bonus Time. Bonus time events influence energy cost and bonus to rewards from adventures. One such bonus is the % increase in gold reward. Whenever a bonus time is available it should be used to the maximum, especially if it is coupled with a reduction in energy cost. A combination of the two at the same time is insane and it is important to make most out of it. Use Bonus Time event is especially important not just because of the gold, but because you can, at the same time, farm shards for Skylander Ring of Heroes characters.

Gold Collectors

Gold Collectors are buildings that produce and store gold. The level 1 of these buildings is fairly cheap, but upgrading them is more and more expensive as we are closer to the lvl 5 (max lvl). It is important to note that upgrading Gold Collectors is worth only if you plan on playing Skylanders Ring of Heroes for a long time. It is better if they are upgraded early, but only if it’s not impeding with the progress (for example, you need gold to power-up and evolve character or rune, but you spend it on upgrading Gold Collector… this should be avoided at all costs).

What is the best stage for farming gold?

Well, the amount of gold depends on the stage and the level of the stage (10 stages and 7 levels, with 7th being the boss lvl). The gold reward is increasing with the stage as well as with the level of the stage. Keep in mind that not only the gold reward increase but the energy cost of doing these stages is increasing as well. In addition, the difficulty rises as well, and with it the time it takes to finish them. So, what’s the answer here? Simple, don’t focus on grinding gold. Cave of Gold challenge is the only focused gold grinding thing in the game. In Adventures focus on farming unit/character you like and let the gold be a nice bonus for doing stuff.

The only time to actually focus farm gold is during the “Bonus Time”-event when the gold rewards are increased, but even then target the stages from which you will gain shards or runes.
Consider Gold to be the most important by-product, but never the main goal of the farm. Similar to experience.

Things to avoid in order to save gold

Now let’s talk about things you should NOT do if you are trying to save gold.

Upgrading runes with 3 star or less

This is extremely inefficient. The only time you should upgrade 3-star rune is at the very beginning, the very first day you start the game and there is a daily quest tied to upgrading rune 3 times, but you don’t have rune with 4 stars or more. The daily quest will make-up for the gold lost, and you get bonus stats from upgrading rune, which is a win-win situation. Otherwise, avoid anything below 4-star, and upgrade 4-star only if stuck in progression but have really good rune with perfect stat combination.

Upgrading every single Skylander that you have shards for

Before you start powering up and evolving every single Skylander, make a plan and then stick to it. Know what characters you are going to focus, create a strategy around farming those and upgrade them, and only them. Otherwise you ‘l spread too thin and there won’t be enough gold for every character in your Skylander Ring of Heroes roster.

Spending Gems on buying gold

When in dire need of gold, you might be tempted for a quick solution and spend gems to get gold. This is a quick but extremely inefficient solution. Use gems for Energy and only for energy.
This is Skylanders Ring of Heroes Gold Guide and I hope you found it to be useful.

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