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Skylanders Ring of Heroes guide for Runes

How to setup Runes?

Out of every subject, this one is the most comprehensive and requires an in-depth understanding of the game. However, here we will cover basics, where to farm, how to complete rune sets, what stat is available for which Rune Slot and so on.

Let’s get some Skylanders RoH Rune basics out of the way.

Runes, stars and main stats, flat or percentage

Skylanders Runes Guide

While progressing through the game, often we are faced with the dilemma, do we change lower star rune with perfect stats for a higher star rune with less than perfect stats? In most cases, the answer is Yes. If the main stat is of the same type (ATK, Defense, Crit, Accuracy, HP…) it is beneficial to go with higher star rune. Only in case, the lower star rune is absolutely perfect with good stats, good rolls on sub-stats, and at the same time, Higher star rune comes with all useless sub-stats.

Flat or Percentage on main stat (ATK, ATK%, Def, Def%, HP, HP%)?

Skylanders Runes Guide

This one is a little bit tricky and it depends on that particular stat value. The stat value is comprised of a combination of Skylanders upgrade lvl and the quality of other runes. In order to avoid much of the calculation and dragging this text too long, the rule of thumb is: for runes up to 5 stars, take Flat value… once you start farming 6-star runes, take percentage values.

Upgrading Runes, sub-stats, and the rune quality

Skylanders Runes Guide

Avoid upgrading runes with 3 stars or less (unless it is for the quest/mission during the first day of game). Upgrade 4-star runes only up to level 12 and only for the main team. Only 5-star runes with good Main stat and Sub stat should be upgraded up to lvl 15. Runes range in quality: Common, Premium, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The two ways of earning quality are first, random. The rune quality is determined at the moment of the drop. These have a natural quality to them. Second, by upgrading rune lvl, at certain thresholds (level 3,6,9 and 12) rune will gain quality and additional sub-stat. Additional sub-stats are only awarded when the rune reaches new qualities beyond its natural. If, for this reason, no new sub-stats have been awarded, one of the old ones will receive additional roll. This is why it’s important to have natural Epic or Legendary runes so we can see the type of sub-stats it has also, once we lvl-up the rune some of those sub stats will gain additional rolls.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes where to farm runes

Skylanders Runes Guide

Note, there are 10 different rune sets and 10 different Adventures. Each rune set drops at one particular Adventure.
1 – The Singing Forest drops Energy Set
2 – The Misty Bog drops Resist Set
3 – The Infernal Volcano drops Strike Set
4 – The Highlands of Mirrors drops Rage Set
5 – The Golden Desert drops Ward Set
6 – The Abandoned Factory drops Hope Set
7 – The Rainbow Valley drops Focus Set
8 – The Bone Grave Village drops Fatal Set
9 – The Mansion of Gloom drops Hit Set
10 – The Shrine of Light drops Dodge Set

Easy difficulty drops Runes from 1 to 3 stars
Normal difficulty drops Runes from 2 to 4 stars
Hard difficulty drops Runes from 3 to 5 stars

Each Adventure has six plus one Boss stage. These six stages drop runes corresponding to the rune slots, meaning stage one will drop Runes for slot 1, stage two will drop Runes for slot 2 and so on…

What this means is, farming runes in Skylanders Ring of Heroes we can target:

  1. What Rune-set to farm
  2. How many stars these Runes will have (up to 5)
  3. Exactly for which slot we need the Rune.

Another way to farm runes is by running The Beast’s Labyrinth (BL) and The Wailing Labyrinth (WL).
The BL drops five different sets:

  1. Energy
  2. Strike
  3. Ward
  4. Resist
  5. Focus

The other five sets drop from WL and these are:

  1. Rage
  2. Hope 
  3. Hit 
  4. Fatal
  5. Dodge

Unlike other Adventures, BL and WL have 10 stages each. The stage 7 is important as it’s than the 6-star runes start to drop. The drop chance on stage 7 is not great, more so because it drops not just 6, but 4 and 5 stars as well. At stage 10 of BL and WL, only 5 and 6-star runes drop. At the moment of writing this guide, this is the end game – BL and WL – 10 farming.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Rune Sets

Depending on the set, having two or four rune slots taken by the same rune set will activate the set bonus.
Note: these set bonuses are not unique. What this means is you can use one 4 sets and one 2 set bonus to cover all 6 rune slots. We can also take 2 set bonus three times, and they don’t have to be different. For example, currently, on my Wham-Shell (defense based Skylander), I am using 6 Ward runes, giving me a 3 x 10% Defense bonus.

Rune set Bonuses

  1. Dodge +%5 Evasion 2
  2. Energy +10% HP 2
  3. Fatal +10% Crit Rate 2
  4. Focus +10% Effect ACC 2
  5. Hit +5% Accuracy 2
  6. Hope +20% Block DMG DOWN 4
  7. Rage +30% Crit Dmg +30% 4
  8. Resist +10% Effect Res 2
  9. Strike +25% Atk 4
  10. Ward +10% Def 2

Skylanders Ring of Heroes rune stats per slot

Rune Slot 1: ATK
Rune Slot 3: DEFENSE
Rune Slot 5: HP

When deciding between flat and percentage-based runes while looking at the table above, it is important to remember, the more we increase a stat by a flat amount, the more value percentage based runes have. For example, if we use two flat ATK runes in slots 1 and 2, it is highly likely the ATK% has more value for slot 6.

This was the Guide for Runes in Skylanders Ring of Heroes. I hope you found it useful, and if you would like to see more content from about this amazing game, leave a comment below.

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