Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Welcome to the Skylanders Ring of Heroes section on Bluemoongame, a portal for gaming news and guides. From Tier List to the patch/update impressions, announcements, new features, and characters, basically all things of importance for this game will be covered here.

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The goal here is to create a nexus of experience and information for a wide range of players from the community. The information provided here is based on personal experience and some research done by a few members of the Bluemoongame team, as well as the input from various players from around the world.

Having said that, besides my own content, I encourage all members of the Skylanders RoH community that feels like they have something to contribute, to reach us here at Bluemoongame. We are going to let your voice be heard: A guide for certain aspects of the game? An explanation of why some characters are under/over-powered? Why some team combos are better than others?
Basically anything you find interesting, or feel like there should be a conversation about it, it can be featured here. The only prerequisite is to be constructive and aiming to help others.
Complaints are fine, but it needs to be brought up in a manner it starts a discussion and not vent for frustration. For this purpose, the comment section under every post is open for everyone to pitch in and add to the conversation.

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The main reason for reaching up to the S.RoH community is the fact this game is extremely grindy. Don’t get me wrong, there is an aspect of that that I like. The fact there is always something to be done is great. However, this poses a problem in that we cannot cover every aspect of the game and every team composition. At least not in the way we do content for other games here, that is to say with understanding and personal experience behind the words. To level up a few characters can take us up to one week of time, which is huge.

As for the subject of our guides, while there are some basic gold and rune guides, it seems to us the best way forward is to proceed according to the feedback from the community as well as with some assistance. The main reason behind this is a huge amount of time sink needed in order to just level-up desired characters.

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Aside from this, our goal is to spend some time at PVP and guild battles, to figure out what is current meta-game, what are the rules of engagement when fighting the opposing guild, should we aim for the strongest possible enemy, or the weakest one, at what time of the day to attack? This and many more questions we are hoping to answer on these pages.

Once again welcome to the Bluemoongame-s section for the game, have fun everyone.

The content on these pages is not sponsored and it comes from sheer love for the game and desire to promote quality products.