Sonic is getting a redesign for the upcoming movie


Sonic, the hero of the nineties video games, has recently appeared in a live action environment and people are very, very happy. It is a slightly different version, but who cares when Dr. Ivo Robotnik is played by Ace Ventura?

Yes! Jim Carrey will get behind the mustache as the first trailer looks epic:

Now, Sonic does look a bit different than he does in the game. Namely, he is taller but he actually resembles a hedgehog, which is as it should be. The community naturally won’t stand for it, they want exactly the same character design as in the Sega video game. The filmmakers replied swiftly.

We are being assured that they are fully committed to bringing the best out of the material. Jeff Flower, the movie’s director, even tweeted that they will change the character. So, they are willing to listen at least. But, is this okay? Who knows for sure.

Flower said:

“Thank you for the support,” he said on Twitter. “And the criticism. The message is loud and clear. You aren’t happy with the design [and]you want changes. It’s going to happen. Everyone at Paramount [and]Sega are fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be…”

The Sonic movie does tend to depict the same characters looking a little different. And, nothing wrong with that, you cannot have a movie with exactly the same characters, some changes and adaptations are needed. The main focus of the complaints is pointed towards Sonic’s human teeth, which the VFX artists promise they will change.

Sonic the Hedgehog release date is set for November 8, 2019. Sonic will be voiced by Ben Schwartz, Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik is played by the legendary Jim Carey, and Tom Wachowski, the police sheriff, is played by James Marsden.