Sony Xperia XZ3 Review

Sony Xperia XZ3 – Finally on the Right Tracks

In a true blitzkrieg fashion, in a few days, Sony will release yet another model in their premium smartphone line for 2018, just about half a year after the official release of its predecessor, Sony Xperia XZ2. One could justly wonder about the true meaning behind this aggressive campaign, and whether Sony is simply aiming to smother us with an abundance of their products in the hope that at least one will get it right. However, the new arrival in the Sony Xperia XZ family had actually managed to pleasantly surprise us in more areas than one. Of course, there will always be those which will criticize XZ3 as a blatant case of repackaging the older model, with a couple of new features and gimmicks to validate newer version. Nonetheless, it seems that we’ve finally got a Sony flagship we were hoping for, with perfectly balanced design, as well as several major improvements aimed to elevate Sony Xperia XZ3 to the very top of this year’s flagship offer.

The first big improvement everyone is talking about is that with Sony Xperia XZ3, Sony had finally embraced OLED technology. Unlike the more modest screen of its forerunner, the screen of Sony Xperia XZ3 is nothing short of sensational. As we’ve said, it’s an OLED display with rather discreet bezels, 6 inches diagonally, 1440 x 2880 resolution and QUAD HD+. This particular screen provides a crystal clear image, boasting a great brightness, as well as rich, vibrant colors, available in three modes (Standard, Professional, and Super Vivid). Another novelty concerning the screen is related to the changes in the overall aesthetics and design of the phone – instead somewhat edgy look we come to identify with most Sony smartphones, the screen of Sony Xperia XZ3 is smooth and mildly curved, gently blending into the frame, which creates a nice visual, as well as a pleasant tactile effect. Also, there’s no irritating notch to spoil the lines, which is always the plus.

As for other components and features that Sony Xperia XZ3 offers, they are also mostly on the top of their game. As can be expected, Sony Xperia XZ3 is powered by what’s obviously this year’s favorite processor, at least for most flagship phones – the unavoidable Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which guarantees quick, stable and smooth performance. On the downside, there are “only” 4GB of RAM – a bit less than some other flagships by competition are offering, but still more than decent. However, 64GB of onboard storage is frankly a bit disappointing, especially in comparison with storage mammoths such as Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with up to 512GB. Thankfully, you can always increase storage space by adding micro SD card which alleviates this flaw a bit.

Although some of us had expected some major change in the camera department, this is not the case with Sony Xperia XZ3. If anything it took a step back – unlike XZ2 who sported a dual-camera set (and although the competition is practically raging with multiple camera trend), this model has just one main camera. However, what Sony Xperia XZ3 does have performs truly great. The main camera has 19-megapixels, while the front camera has 13-megapixels. Both cameras are great, providing bright, sharp photos packed with details, even in the less optimal conditions. The battery has 3,330mAh which on the glance seems underwhelming for demanding hardware included in Sony Xperia XZ3, especially its powerful OLED screen. However, performed tests say otherwise, so, depending on your activity, the battery should hold just fine. Moreover, the battery has a fast charging feature, so its capacity won’t negatively affect the performance. This phone also comes with Android Pie 9 operative system, so the Sony Xperia XZ3 owners will be able to enjoy all the benefits its new user interface. Dual speakers also merit special mention, since they provide clear, powerful sound.

Finally, as we’ve already mentioned, the overall design and execution of Sony Xperia XZ3 are great. It features sleek glass body with smooth curving lines, and besides somewhat problematic position of the fingerprint scanner, which is located too low for the taste of most users, we couldn’t fault it even if we’d tried. All in all, Sony Xperia XZ3 is one of the best smartphones which Sony had produced so far, and that’s saying a lot. Definitely worth your attention, so get ready for the 5 October when it will be officially released.