Soul Destiny Review


Soul Destiny mobile game is a new Role Playing magical experience for Android and iOS, that surprised everyone with highly positive feedback it got. Developed by Eyougame(USS), the first thing this PEGi 12 MMO RPG stands out with is its visuals. It promises an immersive atmosphere and lots of content to delve into.


EYOUGAME(USS) is a Chinese developer that rarely ever deals with the western market, which is why Soul Destiny caught everyone by surprise. They are behind such titles as Light Chaser, Demoncer, Dark Domain(upcoming), Musou Glory, and others. All their titles have overall positive scores, 4 out of 5 stars or above, and have positive reviews.

Soul Destiny is set in a fantasy world and offers an innovative feature. Players seek their soul mates and make their own bloodline with other players, preparing their offspring to fight against evil. The character you choose can be male or female, of course, or better said, Hero or Heroine. Both men and women are equal at their skill with a sword and their only difference is in their elements. The Hero has the element of fire while the Heroine has ice. However, this is only the beginning and Eyougame(USS) promises more content and choices as the game gets momentum.


Now, Soul Destiny itself revolves around PVP combat, which is again quite unusual for these types of games which usually aim for PvE content with bosses, quests, and collectible units at first, while PvP is pushed to the side.

You will have different events, like the Tri-War mode where you can battle in a massive PVP fights with 30 players in total. Three teams of 10 players will battle until one team is left standing. Other modes, like God War, allow for 1v1 battle and so on…

Soul Destiny pre-registration period is now open, The game and its content are not complete, but it is playable as the developers offer a decent amount of gaming experience. Soul Destiny Android already has around 10k installs on Google play and a score of 4.0 stars flat, while Soul Destiny iOS is not yet available but is coming soon…ish.

7.0 Fair
  • Atmosphere 7
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 7.3