Space Cows

Space Cows – you like to moove it mooove it?

Space Cows, a twin-stick shooter is now live on PC and Nintendo Switch. Developed and presented by All in! Games and Happy Corruption, this title premiered on Sept 5. and it has delighted some reviewers already. Mainly, everyone is praising this game’s weapon of choice, which is a weaponized plunger, while fighting ‘mootants’ in a zero-gravity environment is just darn awesome!

Space Cows Screenshot 1

Whether it sounds wacky or very wacky, the gameplay of this title is still an intense twin-stick combat shooter action, with dashing and slow motion, or moo-tion as the game calls it, wobble. The goal is to rescue cows and introduce an evil ‘cow-poration’ to the word nemesis. In Space Cows, you take on the role of a cow farmer called Best Regards (no joke), and he is a true friend and lover of cows. His favorite one was stolen and moved to a space station infested with ‘mootants’. Embarking on a rescue mission, Best will fly naked in a zero-gravity environment with a weaponized plunger (laser score ‘n’ all), his powerful and deadly farts, and only revenge on his mind.

  • This udderly cheesy fiction game, as All in! calls it, features the following:
  • Fighting bosses, mini-bosses, and mootants with a plunger weapon
  • Wobble-wobble with Best Regards’ farts in a zero-gravity environment
  • Twin-Stick controls
  • Peculiar physics of the environment
  • Collecting milk bubbles and avoiding space station hazards
  • Mini-games to master and improve your scores

As the trailer demonstrates, this title’s gameplay is even wackier than you could imagine. However, it also promises fast-paced action, a good sense of humor in the game, and some high-points shooter extravaganza. Out now on Steam for PC and Nintendo Store for Switch, Space Cows is developed by Happy Corruption and published buy All in! Games and is out today!