Spiderman PS4

Spider-Man breaks the sales record

Record sales continue to go through the roof, as the new PS4 Spider-Man yells: “Hey, I’m swinging here!”

Swinging to a cool 3.3 million sales in the first 3 days after release, but that’s already old news. God of War was holding the record with 3.1 million in first 3 days, but now Marvel’s Spider-Man takes the charge.

It was all leading up to this, as the game also had a pre-order record-setter with over one million copies, and that’s not counting the PS 4 Pro bundle sales, which included a copy of the game and a special console.

The rest is just figures…the retail price is $ 60, which equals to roughly 200 million in revenue, which even beats the latest movie, Spider-Man homecoming, but the movie takes some of the credit naturally.

If you’re a fan of the superhero flicks, or not, you probably watched some of the Marvel’s hits already.

This year we’ve had the long-awaited Infinity War, part one, but a few months before that, a new take on the Spider-Man franchise was released. It starred Tom Holland, who was the new boy in red and blue tights, and the incredible Michael Keaton as the villain – Vulture.

The movie was widely praised as it easily won over a broad audience and introduced the new cast, which was accepted even by hard-core fans. It also featured appearances from some of the Avengers, like Robert Downey Jr.

But, this infinite multiverse story arc they went for in the PS4 game is actually also true to the comics and animated movies. They naturally expanded on the idea for the game and even added some new and interesting concepts, including different suits and powers for Spidey.

spiderman ps4

The multiverse story arc was presented and re-invented a couple of times, like in the Spider-Man TAS which ran in the 90s, so all old-school Cartoon Network fans will be delighted. The game also features Wilson Fisk, King Pin, as one of the villains. That character is well known from the recent Daredevil series but was also a big part of the TAS cartoon back then.

As far as the gameplay goes, the core mechanics are well known to everyone who played any of the Rocksteady Studios’ Batman titles. The combat and the reaction times, with single-button timed push, are all too familiar, but Spider-Man PS4 naturally took it to a whole new level, with a few nods to the original Barman games.

Probably the best bit about it is that the time slow and the warning you get when an attack is coming is a representation of Spidey’s spider-sense, which fits in nicely. Also, performing combos and special moves will launch him into predetermined animations, so there is no cluster hitting and aoe damage extravaganza, like in Devil May Cry for instance.

spiderman ps4

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 got impressive scores and ratings on all significant gaming sites and the overall feedback for the game is that it is everything promised and more. In the light of this recent success, Sony’s global VP for sales, Stephen Turvey, said that:

“Our Expectations are always set at the highest levels. It has (the game) met and exceeded all expectations. I think the company and the campus, and our fans are super proud of it”. He also praised Insomniac Games for bringing Spider-Man back to the gaming community, saying that the game makes you “want to experience it.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man continues to climb the charts and set records, as the game has yet to receive any negative review. Everyone who tried it is perfectly happy and excited about it, as the only flaw of the game might be it’s probably high price of around $ 60, but the pricing is not the same on all markets.