Star Traders: Frontiers for Mobile Just Came Out and It’s Hella Good


Days after we announced that Star Traders: Frontiers is going to iOS and Android devices, it’s finally here and we had an opportunity to play it. Developed by Trese Brothers, this game was launched in August 2018 and quickly draw some well-deserved attention. After PC users had its fair share in playing this game, now it’s time for mobile users to have fun and make the vast universe their playing ground.

Star Traders: Frontiers takes place in the future where people can assume one of 26 professions and be explorers, merchants, pirates, bounty hunters, spies, smugglers, and many others. And the best part is that players assume the roles of captains of their own ships which they have to manage and take care of the crew in order to prosper. So, in a way, if you always admired USS Enterprise and Star Trek mechanics of having a big crew living on a starship, you will just get a chance to see what Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Archer and even Pike now dealt with.

The game combines two genres perfectly, RPG and strategy, as well as simulation and, although it has ‘trade’ in the title, it is much more than that. Basically, the goal of the game is to survive and make your own decision, unlike in Star Trek where you answered to the United Federation of Planets. Here, you are your own boss and you do everything that you consider morally fit or possible to ensure that your ship will do good. In a way, you get a chance to show off that knowledge you picked up on sci-fi shows and movies and command your spaceship the way you think it’s the best. 

The game starts off with character creations and here you can choose from four default profiles. By choosing the career path of your captain, you will determine their special skills and upgrades which will become available as you level up. However, you will also need to choose five main aspects for the character you are creating and give them appropriate priority, so take your time and consider the options carefully. This choice of priorities will affect the way your captain interacts with NPCs, what kind of options they will have to upgrade the ship and what kind of crew will be available to him.

Star Traders Frontiers For IOS

Since your crew matters as well, you will also have to give it a thought to their appearance and customize some of them. What makes this game interesting and fascinating to play is that each crew member will contribute to the spaceship with their specific set of skills. And so, you need to pay attention to their improvements, boosts, and upgrades as well if you want to be successful. In a sense, this all is quite logical, because while you command the ship, the other need certain expertise to follow your orders efficiently. 

The action happens in space and on the ground, so you will need to think about that as well when choosing the profession and crew. This means that you will experience ship-to-ship and hand-to-hand combat during the gameplay, therefore, you need to get the most appropriate skills for that. For example, if you decided to be a pirate, you need to pay attention to boarding skills since you will attack other spaceships and need to steal their cargo and take over their bridge. 

You can skip the missions as you see fit which gives you the freedom to choose which one is the best suited for you and your crew. Just make sure that you are bringing in the resources in order to level up and upgrade your spaceship and the crew. And since this type of gameplay is sacrificing the main story, you will experience your own storyline and have more fun. Nonetheless, the game tries to be as real as possible, and thus you will feel the ‘penalties’ of being too slow to complete missions. Namely, you will get paid less or it will be canceled.

Star Traders Frontiers For Android

Also, pay attention to big events happening in the galaxy since you can take part in them in a capacity that suits you. Now, since there are different difficulties in the game, you can easily find the one that will help you create the kind of game that will match your experience. Just remember that some level of difficulty has permadeath, so if you die, it’s game over – no matter if your crew and spaceship are still there. 

Besides not having a particularly developed main narrative, Star Traders: Frontiers does have another drawback. It will require patience and dedication since the gameplay can be overwhelming at times. You will have to catch up on things on the go since tutorials cover only the basics. This may make it a demanding game, but honestly, it never showed to be anything less than ambitious. So, if you want to play a truly engrossing game that will swallow you up, then, by all means, give Star Traders: Frontiers a shot. Who knows, maybe we’ll run on each other in space. Or run over.



7.7 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (13 Votes) 5.4