star trek fleet command officer guide

Star Trek Fleet Command Officers Guide

Welcome to the introduction for our Star Trek Fleet Command Officers guide!

The following guide will mostly focus on a few starting groups of Officers, that will become available during the first 15 levels of the game. Assembling an optimal crew is no easy task, mostly because different ship classes require prioritizing different stats. What does this mean exactly? Well, every ship type has one primary defensive stat (armor, shield deflection or dodge) and the values for hull and shield health vary greatly between classes. Besides that, armaments between classes, and also different ships within the same class, are quite different, but some general rules can still be applied.

Star Trek Fleet Command Officer's Roles Legend

Officers groups also have their own specific focuses. Here we have groups that are focused more on PvP or PvE, and also those that are somewhere in the middle. There are also groups that are specialized (or leaning) towards specific ship type or specific combat style. Looking at the officers themselves, we can distinguish between those that are better suited for Ship Captain role (because of the great Captain Maneuver ability and/or high synergy with the other crew members) and those that are very good as the bridge Officers.

The very first Officers that you’ll unlock are the part of Another Time group and this is no coincidence. These guys are generalists and can be effective (with the right set up) as the crew of any ship class. The downside here is that they won’t excel as a crew of any ship class and should be replaced once more specialized groups become available.

All this information can be quite confusing (especially if you’re just starting off), so if you would like to see our own suggestions for different crew setups, visit our  Officers Guide.

Also, if you are not quite sure how Officer Roles (Ship Captain and Bridge Officers) and their abilities (Captain Maneuver, Synergy, and Officer Ability) function, you can check out our Star Trek Fleet Command Officers page.