Steam Link available on iOS now


Valve’s Steam Link is finally available for iOS users on the iTunes App Store. The Steam Link iOS is free now, after the entire 2018 mess about the release. As sources show, Valve planned on releasing the App in 2018 for Android and iOS, but Apple reportedly kept on rejecting the offer for it to arrive on the App Store. If you are unfamiliar with this new technology, here’s why everyone was so excited:

So, Valve’s Steam Link allows you to connect your PC to any television set in your house. It is a bridge that connects the two devices at 1080p with 60fps, meaning the transfer is seamless. It is the answer to many problems and unsolvable obstacles many gamers have had for decades now. With this Steam Link Android and iOS release, the same can be done on your mobile, or so iPhone and iPad users hoped for.

Even after the Steal Link, App Store release date was scheduled, Apple still rejected it, with Valve citing “business conflicts with app guidelines”. Once Valve removed the option of purchasing video games through Steam Link on Steam store on iOS, everyone was hopeful. However, Apple was still silent, until recently, when the initiative was approved with no additional explanation. Steam Link App Store has been launched in May 2018.