Stellar Age Review

Stellar Age – destroying the worlds is your cup of tea?

If you loved to play the games like Master of Orion 2, Stellaris or Endless Space, you have another piece that lets you conquer the galaxy with money and weapons. The development studio Crazy Panda Apps made this new mobile MMO strategy called Stellar Age.

Stellar Age is all about building your colony, and then waiting and…waiting. And then some more waiting. This game requires a lot of patience with the building time, but consider it a practice of your character and it will be easier. Aside from the long waiting times to build and upgrade your colony, the game takes a few right turns when it comes to gameplay. The galaxy you explore is endless and mesmerizing, and you could spend months just roaming through it. But exploring an infinite space is just a fraction of gameplay this game offers.  

You will fight battles, make technology advancements, and upgrade your fleet of thousands of merchant and military ships. That is a really interesting aspect of the game, which we couldn’t say for the battles themselves. They are pretty devoid of excitement and simplified to the basics. To fight the enemy forces, you will have to start producing Lightweight Fighter units as soon as you indulge in the game.

Every time you detect some activity of stellar pirates close to your planet, you should prepare, and sweep the sector. But you shouldn’t rush into unknown enemies. Before you order the attack you need to analyze the enemy fleet and resources, and that’s where the spies step to the scene. The information from the spy will also calculate the possible damage incurred to you in the battle ahead. After you defeat your enemies, the wreckage of the destroyed ships will automatically be disintegrated into the resources of your spaceship.

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To make the space home to you, you will build, and upgrade the space colony to make it feel home. Build spaceport as it is used to build the space fleet ships, both transport and combat. You can also build a Science Block, which is used to carry out the research and development of technologies like energy, defense, and attack equipment. There’s also a research of new technologies, which you can use to upgrade your colony and ships. Gaining access to new features you can produce new kinds of spaceships and improve the efficiency of planet colonization.

After you master the technology, you can build the ultimate spaceship fleet and wreak havoc among your enemies using Lightfighter, Heavy Fighter, Titans, Bomber, Destroyer, and many more spacecraft. In addition, you can build an Ansible Ring and connect with other stellar colonies. The ring initiates and regulates instant supersonic connection with the other settlements.

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Rewards in this game are quite generous since you’ll be rewarded for accomplishing anything in the game. Whenever you do something you’ll get some gold credits, which you can use to buy boosts to your base and fleet. You can shop not just the resources such as metal, but also Planet Boosts, War Boosts such as additional production, and research line, and Planetary Shields by using the in-game currency. There are numerous boosts you can use to increase the efficiency of your gameplay. The Fleet Production Line allows you to use additional fleets, and increase the attacking power, while the Research Line speeds up the research progress. Defensive Production Line enables you to quickly strengthen the defense, and the Metal Mining Boosts, as the name suggests, increases the metal extraction speed.

If your forte is commanding and leading, you can create your own corporation and run it to galaxy domination. Or you can play safe and become a part of other else’s powerful corp. You can fight the PvP battles with other corporations, or alone in the PvE mode. The possibilities to play this game are endless, just like the galaxy you’ll be exploring. Enjoy the exploration, expansion, exploiting and extermination in space with Stellar Age.

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The possibilities to play this game are endless, just like the galaxy you’ll be exploring. Enjoy the exploration, expansion, exploiting and extermination in space with Stellar Age.

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