Thursday, November 22

Stellar Age

Introduction to Stellar Age

Fasten your seat-belts and prepare for an everlasting space conquest of The Stellar Age Galaxy! Stellar Age is an MMO Strategy game that brings you a breathtaking online multiplayer experience in which you, a space commander, will journey from planet to planet, collecting valuable resources that you will use to upgrade your base and expand your glorious fleet. From nasty pirates to stronger, more worthy player commanders, your task will be to conquer them all. When you feel like the enemies just keep on coming and your defenses are failing, pack up your bags and join a Corporation. This will allow you to cooperate with fellow commanders, which will significantly increase your chances of survival in Stellar Age and also enable you to take down much stronger enemies together! Communicating and helping as well as attacking together with other players is even better now with the newest updates! Complete daily quests to receive those much needed resources as well as fleet and most importantly Credits, the most valuable currency in the game. Collect salary from your corporation on a daily basis to get Shop points that you can use to buy boosts along with all sorts of other perks that you'll need in order to keep up. Both the "peaceful" play-style as well as the more aggressive and risky one are both supported. You can choose to attack other players or you can choose to attack only pirates, the choice is up to you. And the best thing about it all, you can achieve everything without even spending a dime! Yes, you heard that right, Stellar Age fully supports players who are willing to invest their own time and effort into it without paying loads of money to get ahead. You won't even have to worry about any player who is too far ahead of you because the in-game combat system is made so it balances out the player strengths and with that, successfully stops the dreaded bullying from groups of much stronger players. So what are you waiting for?
Go start your own Stellar Age space journey and witness it all for yourself!