Thursday, November 22

Stellar Age – Buildings

As Stellar Age is an MMO base building strategy, the very part of base building plays a very important role. Your base provides you with ways to increase your Power and build units to fight battles with those nasty pirates, but also to battle other players. Here we will go over all of the buildings as well as the purpose of each and every one. Knowing in what respect each of these buildings help you will prove to be very important when it comes to upgrading priority. You will get a few first upgrades on all buildings basically for free since the time spent waiting is very tiny, however, as you progress the upgrades will be increasingly more expensive and will take significantly more time to finish. It's very important to keep upgrading your Depots and Farms/Mines so you can always have some material when you log on that you can use to upgrade a building or research a technology. Avoid using 8-hour boosts on early levels because you'll definitely need those later on when the time buildings take to finish upgrading is very very long.