Monday, November 19

Stellar Age – Units

In Stellar Age, your units will define how well you can protect yourself, and we all know that sometimes, offense is the best defense. Upgrading your fleet will be key to achieving significant milestones in your Power, as well as to enable you to attack pirates nearby for easy resources. You have to keep your Fleet diverse and flexible for any type of battle, against any type of fleet. However, don't forget about your Defense Units who will serve you well, if you serve them well. Upgrading your Cyber Plant and researching technologies that will boost the power of your defense units is going to make a huge difference in how other players view you. You can be viewed as either a fragile sheep, or a dangerous wolf in this Galaxy and it all depends on how well you can protect yourself and how much of a threat you pose to others. Choose your steps carefully and use this guide to help you get a solid understanding about the game so you can get a head start on other, nearby players. Sometimes players will resort to bullying your planet even tho it's not worth for them to do so. Don't get discouraged by this and keep in mind that there is always a way. Use your bunker to store your fleet and your resources safely so your enemies will gain absolutely nothing when attacking you, but also won't take anything from you. Use this time to build up your fleet in your bunker that you can later use to strike at fragile and exhausted enemy planets and take back what is yours.

 SA Fleet

SA Defense Towers