STFC Update 10

STFC Patch 10 and Galaxy R&D Event

Welcome to our overview of the Star Trek Fleet Command Patch 10 and the new Galaxy R&D Event. Here, we’ll talk about the new Star Trek Fleet Command Galaxy research tree. We’ll cover the first half of the research nodes, and talk about their impact on the game.

New Research Tree: Galaxy

We now have a third research tree in our Star Trek Fleet Command R&D Department and it’s the Galaxy Research tree. Let’s take a look at the first half of the tree and how we can benefit from it:

  • First of all, warp speed can be increased for all ships – Great news, the less we wait for our ship to reach its destination, the better.
  • Prime Officers – This is a really big one because it will provide 100% bonus to all Officer stats (Attack, Defense and Health). This research is a significant power boost if you can afford it.
  • Increased mining rate of all resources Parsteel, Tritanium, Dilithium, Crystal, Gas, Ore and Data – This is actually very good news for all the miners out there, especially the ones that want to focus on one specific class of ship (If you want to focus on upgrading your Battleship, improving ore mining rate as much as possible might be a good idea).
  • Increased rewards for defeating hostiles – Well, as one of those players that like to get most of their base resources by defeating hostiles, rather than mining for them, I can really appreciate these new research options.
  • Survey ship improvements (increased protected cargo, reduced repair cost and time) – A must-have research for all the miners out there. With increased protected cargo, you can leave your ship to mine longer (most raiders won’t destroy your miner if they’re not getting anything from it). On the other hand, even if your ship gets destroyed, reduced repair cost and faster repair time mean that you’ll get back onto that mining faster while losing ‘wasting’ fewer resources on the repair.
  • Improved base defenses – Well, the option to improve base defenses might help with those annoying moments when you get raided by a (much) higher level player. I would say this is a good idea.
  • Improved shield regeneration for the Battleships, Explorers and Interceptors – Waiting for the shields on your ships to regenerate can be very boring, especially when you’re actively playing and attacking players/hostiles. My guess is that nobody will have complaints about an option to wait less time in these moments.
USS Franklin

Improved Effectiveness of USS Franklin against Swarm

These research options really caught my attention. There are four different research nodes that you can do to increase the effectiveness of USS Franklin against Swarm hostiles. Against them, Franklin can now benefit from increased weapon damage, accuracy, and armor. Besides that, this ship can now also ‘debuff’ the Swarm hostiles by reducing their dodge value. If hunting for Swarm hostiles with the USS Franklin is your thing, you should definitely check out these research nodes, especially because will most likely see more of the Threat From Beyond content in the future.

New Galaxy R&D Event

In this Star Trek Fleet Command event, you can earn points by researching nodes in the new Galaxy Research and win valuable rewards that include:

  • Epic officer shards (this is a good one)
  • Resources, Materials and resource tokens

Well, most players would go into Galaxy research anyway, since it’s new content, and getting rewards for doing so is an additional plus.

Overall, I like the direction in which this game has been going for the past few weeks, and I hope it will stay on the right track.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our overview of the Star Trek Fleet Command Patch 10. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.