Stir up the pot in Cook it! Chef Restaurant Cooking Game


If you enjoy watching the cooking shows on 24 Kitchen and fancy yourself a cook, you’ll have a blast in this fast-paced cooking game coming in hot from Flowmotion Entertainment. Having substantial experience developing cooking games, Flowmotion Entertainment have polished the concept and brushed up on the already successful recipe behind their previous hit game, Kitchen Craze: Master Chef. The result is Cook it!, the new and improved title with shiny graphics and immersive gameplay.

In this time management game, you play as the chef at one of several specialized restaurants, serving popular foods to a cast of lovable characters. Whether it’s Japanese food at the Sushi Spot, some good ol’ American burgers at the Burger Barn, pizza at the Pizza Palace or even cake, donuts, seafood or Mexican food at one of the respective restaurants, you’ll have your hands full as you attempt to satisfy each customer before they lose their patience and appetite. This is especially true during Rush Hour, where the customers come in faster and wait less, as they hurry to get back to their day.

	 Cook It! Chef Restaurant Cooking Game

Each customer coming in has a certain order for you, and it’s up to you to tap on the appropriate ingredients in order to make them the perfect sandwich/pizza/sushi-roll. So, if you have the photographer come in asking for two bacon cheeseburgers with lettuce, you’ll need to quickly add these ingredients to the mix, fry the patty, put them on the bread and hand the order over before her satisfaction meter depletes and she leaves. This is all the more challenging as you start getting more hungry customers and diverse orders, and it’s especially important to queue the orders in the right way so as to get them to their respective person in time.

You only have so many hands and cooking equipment, so you’re bound to miss the mark a lot, but in this lies the beauty of the game – you’ll need to increase your cooking skill in order to be able to navigate the levels, as they get more challenging. The game has thousands of levels across many unique restaurants and kitchens, so you’ll have your work cut out for you.

	 Cook It! Chef Restaurant Cooking Game

Some improvements over previous similar titles include features such as offline play and the ability to decorate your restaurants, choose their color palette and upgrade your cooking utensils to provide for better output. The game is free to download and play, but does contain microtransactions for those that need to add a bit more punch to their gameplay. As with any game, the occasional bug will come up, such as for instance the business lady proving impossible to serve, or some orders not going through as designed. The developers seem to keep an eye open to feedback from the community, so be sure to drop them a review with your question if you run into any problems.

As far as cooking and time management games go, Cook it! is a nice addition to the genre and can prove quite addicting.

7.7 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 6.4