Stranger Things 3 Comes to Mobile

Stranger Things 3 got to mobiles

Stranger Things 3: The Game arrived on mobile just as the third season of Netflix’s show wrapped up. In fact, the show ended two months ago, but the other platform versions were unveiled the same day as Season 3, while this mobile game was a bit late. And, this title does follow the storyline seen on Season 3 in a beat ‘em up genre environment and old school pixel art, which is awesome!

Stranger Things 3 Gameplay 1

Besides iOS and Android, Stranger Things 3: The Game is available for PC and other consoles. The sci-fi/horror Netflix show’s popularity demanded that the game branches out to virtually all available platforms currently. The mobile version costs just $5, much cheaper than it is on other platforms by the way. Its narrative follows up the events in the previous title from the series, which was free-to-play when season 2 wrapped up.

Stranger Things 3 Gameplay 2

However, these 5 bucks will get you some extra juicy features. Now, the game features a local co-op function letting friends play together and re-live the fantasy adventure along with their favorite characters from the show. Also, this time around you can also use a controller for mobile play, instead just a touchscreen, which is also a big improvement. The development portion was handled by BonusXP, Inc. and, as mentioned, they’ve adapted the game for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Mac, PC, and mobile Android and iOS devices. Stranger Things 3: The Game mobile was released on August 29, 2019, while the other versions came out together with the Netflix episodes.

Stranger Things 3 Gameplay 3

This game uses 16-bit art style, is in the beat ‘em up genre, and resembles the previous title, minus the new content, storyline, and co-op functionality, and you can’t spell functionality without fun. Solo players can also use ‘buddy commands’ as a means to control both of the characters. Also, Stranger Things 3 mobile game comes with the Eliminator Mode, which is unlocked after you beat the game entirely once, which unlocks the entire party from the start. However, once dead, the character is gone for the rest of the game. 12 characters are available in total, through the various modes, including Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Will, Lucas, Hopper, Steve, Nancy, Jonathan, and Joyce.