We talked about Supertype before, when we announced it (back in February, I think?), and I was honestly very pleasantly surprised by the simple idea which holds a genius amount of complexity behind it. The reason why I am writing about this game now, and not tons of others (some of which are really great) is because I really consider this one to be unique, and it brings lots of ‘new’ things to the table without being really complex at all. So, while I may not consider this game to be the ‘best’ of the games that I have played and reviewed in the last ten days or so, I think that this one is really worth noting.

It’s kind of hard to describe what type of game Supertype is, so watch the trailer before we venture further into it:


Better? Alright, moving on! This game uses physics like many other physics puzzlers, but unlike games where you do word games, in this one words are objects themselves, and by using their different physics, you surmount the obstacles. The game works somewhat like this: you enter your word and let the physics do the rest (sometimes the letters are fixed though, depending on the level). Sounds simple enough? Well, it really isn’t. Lots of objectives require a lot of careful thought. The words are made out of letters, and you use the letters to their full extent, i.e. you have to take into careful consideration the shapes of the said letters because your objectives will require specific letters (and thus, words) to complete the level. These letters are devoid of any meaning, so it’s kind of a reverse logic kind of thing where you work differently from what your brain is used to; just think – the language you are using here isn’t a language, it is just a set of different shapes needed to surmount the obstacles and finish the level.

So yeah, it is a physics puzzler, but a very unique and weird one at that – and I love it. A great thing about the game is that there are several ways to achieve your goal in any given level, not to mention the hilariousness you can have when you manage to do something completely unintentionally, as it happens with physics puzzlers, and you actually pass the level.  As I said, sometimes the letters will be pre-defined, and that limits your flexibility (and laughter), but it usually makes the levels harder and more tactical. There are many more factors: certain levels will have the environment move your letters in certain ways, like launching them upwards, etc, so you have to be very strategic in your approach to the obstacle.

The game is $0.99 on App Store, and honestly, that’s really cheap for a laughter-inducing game such as this (well, it was funny for me at least). If you want to give it a try, I think that you won’t regret it. Have fun, guys!