Survival Heroes

On October 31, 2018, the well known mobile gaming company Snail Games (Taichi Panda, Dragon Hunter, Blade Reborn...) released probably the most anticipated mobile game in this year – Survival Heroes. Survival Heroes is a mix between MOBA and Battle Royal, and everyone wanted to see what the game has to offer considering the popularity of both MOBA and Battle Royal Games at the market currently. Anyone who wanted to play one of Arena of Valor Heroes in a Fortnite environment now has the chance to experience everything they wanted and much more.

Unlike other MOBA games, in Survival Heroes you don’t have the option to choose between different Heroes with unique skills because everyone starts with the same character. However, there are 24 unique weapons and every weapon determines a unique Hero role and class. Of course, you can obtain different Hero skins through the game but generally, you choose between weapons instead of Heroes.

There is only 1 combat map currently and starting position depends on your landing. Like in all Battle Royal games, the player chooses where on the map he will jump in order to begin combat against other 59 players. There are 3 combat types – solo, duo, and team (4 players in the same team) and the goal is to be the last man standing.

When you start the game you will pass a short tutorial in order to learn game basics. After that, you will see your character screen and you will be introduced with main game options.

Survival Heroes Play

All items gathered through the game are placed in your Backpack.

On Armory Screen you can see all available weapons in the game.

Runes icon opens Rune Screen where you can place or buy Runes. Runes are important since they can improve certain characteristics of your Hero permanently.

On Guild Screen, you can see information about your guild and available guild quests.

Recruit Friend brings you to social options (having a lot of friends is important especially for group fights).

Arcade Mode enables you to participate in non-ranked arcade battles. There are 4 different Arcade Battles at the moment – Gladiators, Custom Room, Blitz War, and War of the Chosen. Gladiators is a mode where you can pick your favorite weapon before the fight. In Custom room you can freely team-up before combat. In Blitz War, you fight against the time since the magic barrier is shrinking very fast. War of the chosen is an arcade mode where players choose one of two factions and guarding 3 Chosen players against enemy faction.

Rankings Screen provides you with information about your overall ranking among friends and other players.

Activity Screen informs you about tasks you can fulfill in order to obtain activity rewards. Activity tasks are reset each day.

Level and ranking of your character will increase with each fight. It is of utmost importance that you play as much as you can because every fight (win or lose) will improve your standing and gold balance (for gold you can unlock new weapons or buy Rune Boxes).

This was the brief explanation of the Survival Heroes and introduction in basic game options. Combat strategies, Weapons explanation, and Runes Builds are also available on Blue Moon Game.